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Hi, this is Kat with and i have a nice little stripe but when you look at the top down they have a cool Abie effect so really fun fun fun fun beads alright so those are one odds and then just kind of moving down the line here we have two aughts so these are just a little bit smaller but I love it they eat they actually have this sort of little gold on the side for some of these and just really really beautiful so this is sort of that age defect that you're seeing so it's almost kind of like you know they were dug up from the bottom of the sea sort of style and I just really love that we also do have some slightly shinier ones and this is kind of a cool little finish here on the turquoise then we also have some red and gold over here as well in just a nice little classic color combination alright so just kind of moving back to the front here these are actually called 31 on they're about seven millimeters so just when you're looking at something like this now this is sort of that really nice ceramic kind of style here it's almost like a clay very very cool but these are of course Czech glass seed beads but it gives you that nice little style and you can see that they're all a little irregular which is going to give a lot of nice design elements to your work alright so continuing on these are four aughts here or Faro's so what we have here is kind of the same and you can actually see this is a great example to sort of see the different sizes next to each other there and what's great is that we do have a lot of these in the same color ways that you'll see here so what you can do is kind of mix and match the sizes to give interest as well and then we have some other beads here that have a nice little stripe on them which are just again very very cool so these are going to all be your four aughts and then continuing back down here we have our different five odds here so again we do have some of those like glazed almost Cley we have the nice edged finish we even have some beautiful mats just just kind of continuing down the line here this is another actually really interesting one here it's got that stripe and it's got that a B sort of flash on the side but it's red underneath it's almost got like a nice like maroon II purple so very very cool and again some more striped and we have this very similar kind of clay a little stripe there as well alright so the last ones here I have at the bottom these are all six on so again just some really fun different styles these are going to be great to sort of incorporate into various types of bead weaving even though they are irregular it could really give you a very interesting result alright so now I'm going to start talking about a couple of the projects that I've created and I want to start up here and draw your attention to these are all eight O's or eight dots so the reason I wanted to kind of pull these out here for you is these are gonna be really great for creating items like macrame or kumihimo so I actually did a little macrame bracelet here and what I wanted to do is just sort of play very very subtly with the green and the yellow so it all kind of comes together and you almost can't even see but what's really cool and let me see if I can kind of show you here is that we do have some of those yellow striped beads in there and then we also have these sort of green and gold beads and I chose this esslyn color this is a size 18 and this is an avocado color so it's kind of a happy marriage between the yellow and the green so I just kind of wanted to create a fun little rat bracelet that just sort of had a little bit of a pop of color but was mostly kind of interesting and organic and green so another thing speaking of pops of color I went for a little bit more of a contrast here so I'm using those yellow beads there and they have a nice little almost gold and copper finish on the top and then I brought these ones out just so you could see these are other Czech glass seed beads that we have but this is a really nice opaque color so you can see that when you put them together you really get a nice contrast and then I was able to use a copper finding with this one just to really pull out that sort of color there so that's another way you can use these so all of these ones here are going to be those eight dots and they're great for kumihimo macrame and many many different styles alright so I do have another large piece on here and for this one I incorporated a lot of different elements these here are Czech seed beads the white ones I also have some wood beads here as well I have a little mellow metal element and some tassels here but what I really want to show you is kind of right here when you get the chance to look at these they really kind of do have a nice little shimmer and sparkle so this is a red white and blue and it's got a little a B on it so you're getting a lot of interest happening there so I was able to use that bead as my focal bead and kind of pull my different colors from that so I obviously chose the Redwood beads and the blue tassels all from that one bead so I kind of dispersed it throughout this design to really showcase that alright now I want to take a quick second and show you some of the tiny beads that we have these are eleven Ott's so these are a little bit smaller they're probably more ready for bead weaving you might need a needle and thread with these because you don't want to get too thick of a cord in there but the reason I kind of wanted to showcase these three together was to explain the different sort of finishes so this gold gold here this will be referred to as amber and then we have this sort of rosy gold copper that you saw in that kumihimo this is going to be considered Capri and then we have down here this is a silver and this we consider as Labrador so as you're sort of shopping the website you'll notice that we use those three terms so that's just kind of what that means we have amber Capri and Labrador and it's just kind of gold rosy gold copper and silver so that's just sort of to debunk any of that because you have noticed down here and I'll just kind of draw your attention it happens in some of the other seed beads as well these are more of the etched seed beads they're not the opaque ones but again it'll kind of be referred to as the same so as you're kind of shopping around hopefully that will allow you to see the different colors side by side alright so these are really fun they are a limited edition I just want to let you know so please get your hands on them soon they are gonna go fast these are the Czech glass aged seed beads and you can get these by heading over to you

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