Show & Tell: TierraCast Worlds Away and Eastern Path Collections

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video, learn all about the TierraCast Eastern Path and Worlds Away collections. The two collections complement each other beautifully and feature pieces ranging from petite charms, to beadable wrapped wire hoops, to bead caps and even wonderfully aged looking coin pendants. The wire hoops can also be used as outer frames for tree of life pendants. The charms petite size makes them ideal for clustering together or as accents and the pendants make for great focals on unisex jewelry designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and they do fit together very nicely they're very complimentary of each other so we have the worlds away collection which you see on this half of the table and then over here we have the eastern path collection we have some jewelry projects we've made to show you some just ideas at how you might want to use these pieces so let's start with these cool little charms from the worlds away collection they're really great scale and as you can see here I've actually used four of them the four different ones in the collection on this memory wire bracelet and we do have a full tutorial video on how to make this just called The Wanderer bracelet so we've got the hamsa hand we have the North Star we have the Naja and we have the arrow and they come in different finishes so we've got a brass oxide a gold and a silver finish and we have that in all the different charms as well and then here I've used the brass oxide one in this little earring and then I've used the gold Northstar in this earring here and so you might be wondering what these hoops are so these hoops are part of the collection as well and there's three different sizes so we have a small a medium and a large and these have a little secret to them and I didn't realize it at first and I was so excited when I found out so what they do is they are actually beatable they actually unhook and you can put beads on them so in the earrings I've used these little Oh beans and I just put them right on it and I've also just put that little hamsa hand charm right on it and that charm looks great from both sides which is nice when it's on your ear same with the North Star so very very simple to do and all of them to open up and you can place beads onto them so for the little one o beads fit great we have them available at and a whole host of colors for the larger ones you're going to want to do a little experimenting with different beads the O beads don't fit on them so you'll want to play with hole sizes and have fun with that but another idea of what you can do with these hoops these are of course beatable wire wrapped hoops but on the surface they just looked like a fantastic wire wrapped hoop which is identical to what I created in the video here for this Tree of Life so this one I handmade but if you look at it that is the same hoop and boy would this have been a lot easier and it's really strong and sturdy and would be a fantastic base for making a tree of life so we do have a video show you how to make a tree of life and I really do suggest you just grab one of these hoops and whatever color you want and you make that your outer ring it was so easy I mean just to be able to do this takes a lot of the work out of the tree of life so I would highly recommend that you could choose the three different sizes so those are the beatable wire wrapped hoops which are part of this collection and again they do all unhook very nicely and easily and just the way they've created it makes it so you can't even tell that they do that which is so neat all right so that's the world's away collection and then if we head over here we have a whole other collection by tierracast and this is called the eastern path and it has some really cool pieces so first off we've got these Buddha charms and they're very detailed and they look great on both sides and I got that nice loop up at the top to make some of them very easy to use when they come in for finishes so we have an antique silver an antique pewter a brass oxide and an antique gold so the difference between the pewter and the silver is the silver is a little bit lighter and shinier and then the pewter is a little bit darker and more of like a matte finish to it you also have some great bead caps again in the four finishes this little petite one reminds me much of a lotus which is great at complements these very well it's just a great little small bead cap and then these larger ones have almost like a beautiful little flower design poking up from them and a lot of detail so if you see what they look like just a really really pretty very useful bead cap for sure and then finally we have these pendants and there's two different styles so we have I'm going to show you the two different styles here in the this is the let's see this is this silver this is the antique silver because again we compare it to the darker one that's the pewter so we have the Asian coin so you see the detailing there as well as on the other side of this wonderful Bale and then this one here this larger one also has that fantastic bail with that nice loop and you can fit up to a two millimeter cord through there very nicely and easily and then you've got that nice detailing on both sides and is different they look much like a found object to me and then on all of these here I actually created very simple necklaces using sliding knot so this is a great application for these if you just really want to focus on the pendant we just strung on some 1.5 millimeter leather cord and we made a sliding knot clasp for them so very easy to do and we do also have a full video showing you how to do that so I hope that you've been inspired by these pieces we've sure had a ton of fun playing with them creating memory wire bracelets and earrings and necklaces and we're gonna continue to use them here at and we hope that you love them as much as we do if you're interested in any of these pieces please do check out where you'll find them as well as all these projects as well as videos on how to make everything you see here thanks so much for watching

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