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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com in s-- now this is a beautiful line it's so colorful and it's been such a joy to work with as you can see I have a lot of projects here on my table but before we dive into our main components here these beautiful colorful pieces I want to start by talking about these tassels so these are just really beautiful and just gorgeous tassels and you can just see how truly long they are and luscious they're nice and thick and they have a nice little sort of side profile there but what I love about these is that it gives you many options for finishing so let me just kind of show you on the top here so when you receive a tassel it will come like this so you'll have two strands at the top so you can actually do some really fun designs you can of course you know we have a couple videos showing you how to do this but you can loop it through a closed jump ring you can also add it to chain but one of the unique things is that you can actually add it to and do some pearl knotting and in this case we did some gemstone knotting so I just want to show you this other cap that we have it's a little little slimmer there so we have two different styles just you can see them side by side there so this is a little bit more of that slim cone shape again it has that nice little side profile as well but our designer Julie she took it and she actually did a little bit of knotting up here to add some gemstones to the bottom and then continued to add some beautiful chain now speaking of chain this is Zola elements chain as well and it just is so beautiful and colorful alright so let me actually take a second to show you some of the other colors here I love this multicolored one I just love it it's so beautiful and you get all that vibrant color coming through and this is a really a good chance for you to see just how full these tassels are so we have some multicolored ones and beautiful blues greens of course red is classic and we also have some lovely blacks and browns and sort of grays if you want something that's a little bit more neutral but speaking of that chain we actually have it up here so this is the chain used in that project but we also have a little bit more of a primary like colored chain and this is just so full and it's actually really nice to work with it's very reminiscent of like a seed bead chain so if you're interested in working with that it's a great opportunity to I get some of this chain and then for some more delicate chain I just have a few little extra pieces up here and it's nice this finish it actually almost looks like a beautiful like brassy copper so it's really great it's gonna lend to that sort of worldly style that the zola elements is gonna be really really popular for all right so if you're not into the super colorful let me draw your eye down over here to some of these pieces that are just more straight metal components here so we have these beautiful pieces these are a lovely little paddle segments now you can actually separate these off of the eye pin that they come off so if you just wanted to use one or two you could do that but it does give you the option to create a beautiful little fringe in fact this one is really neat it actually comes on a little triangle frame and it is just ready to be connected to necklace a pair of earrings you know you can also add a little patina a little color to these so just some really beautiful fun stuff I love this one it actually comes on a ring and those paddles are a little bit different they have a little bit more of a kind of sharper edge to the bottom as opposed to that just sort of hammered flat style but if you are also interested there are some beautiful little sort of antique silver finish on some beads here and then I just love these this is kind of a nice little moon shaped Crescent curve kind of thing that's happening here and I just want to show you this piece in particular so this actually is very neat it has a little well on the inside and you can see that it has three little braces but what's really lovely is you could actually string some cord down through there or even do some wrapping of wire on top of that so just some really great fun stuff and this as you can just see how large it is in my hand there you're really getting the opportunity to make something that is just really really lovely and just such a statement piece all right so those are for these straight metal lovers here but if you're looking to again add a little bit more color and punch well these are the sort of main components of the zola elements and these are the beaded components here so it's really nice let me just start off up at the top here and I'm just gonna kind of work my way down some of these components I just love the color combinations because they're very unexpected like in this one we have a beautiful beige and a kind of opal in the center with a blue I love this mint green with a little pink gem in the center there it's just so nice and so lovely and again you can just see sort of next to my hand how small and delicate some of these pieces are so you can really just have fun incorporating these into your designs and I just love the sort of mix of metal finish that you can get from this because you're still getting that beautiful pop of color so we have some more drops coming down here definitely easy to incorporate and then here's an au n-- ich little piece it's actually a little link and you can see that all I did was I made a super simple pair of earrings by adding a little white tassel to the bottom and adding an earring hook at the top but it's that beautiful global chic kind of a style it's nice and elongated but you still get that nice bright pop of color in there alright and he's speaking of connectors here are a couple other connector pieces and these are probably gonna want to use a little bit more for a necklace but again just beautiful color combinations that I love this one it's got that beautiful kind of gold and purple and blue it's just so classic but really just really shines out alright so we have some other big pieces and again this is getting into that really nice large focal piece here another connector and then speaking of connectors I actually have this tri connector that I made a pair of earrings and I just did a little chain swag at the bottom added a wood bead wood beads are gonna be great to go with this line it's really gonna drive home again that global chic style and then also over here I have some other little pendants and connectors and these up here these are actually little aged seed beads so they have that nice little sort of crackle to them that again is that nice sort of style so we've brought in a lot of things really recently that really go together we have the wood beads the aged seed beads and now we are introducing you to the zola elements so we really wanted to give you stuff that would coordinate really beautifully alright so one of the last things I'm going to talk about here is some of the chain now this is turquoise chain this is actually the zola chain so this is really beautiful and what I love about it is it's sold by the foot and if you're gonna make this little bracelet you'll have extra little components afterwards so you can use these little guys as connectors so let's say you want to make a matching pair of earrings utilize all the little links in the chain to create something brand new but I made this in two different colorways I also did this in a full video so if you're interested in this design you can find that out and the links are gonna be below and one other thing I want to kind of talk to you guys about is I have some finished chain up here that comes together really nicely in a bracelet and it works really nicely into those slide ends but don't forget to use some of those Ola elements as just that little extra teensy little pop so right down here this was just an added little pop of purple to that bracelet but we have these little teensy charms here that you can just kind of add to a little bracelet or to the bottom of a necklace and they even work if you just add it to a nice little long earring hook so it doesn't have to be complicated and that's one of the things that I think we all love about this design is it can be as simple or as sweet or as extravagant and just stack it up it can really go a lot of different ways alright so I am so proud to introduce the zola elements to you you can find all of these supplies by heading over to beadaholique.com

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