Show & Tell: ImpressArt Metal Punch Stamps, Storage Cases, and Scratch Protector Pads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn about the recent additions to Beaholique's collection of ImpressArt single metal punch stamps. The new styles range from flowers and spiritual symbols to marking stamps such as .925. hand made, and USA. Also see how to use a scratch protector on your steel block, metal stamp an ImpressArt stamping black, and make the impression pop with ImpressArt enamel pens. Finally, see several options of handy storage cases for your punches.
Audio Transcript
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hi this julie with and part how to because i am going to do some metal stamping at the end showing you how to make a little handmade tag for your jewelry designs but first off i want to show you these recent additions to the impress art collection at so these are single stamps most of them are six millimeters and I'm just gonna kind of glance over them you can find out more details on our website here's a little hashtag though I think that's really useful if you're doing some metal stamping some flowers some nautical symbols these are really cool sitting United States outline and aus a marking stamp then we'll just kind of come down here a cute little sitting cat could keep going more nautical a little happy face and then we've got a horse and a little yin-yang symbol and a honeycomb and then I'm gonna come all the way back over here and show you this mom once I love that lettering with the little heart for the mom a rainbow a snowflake some more shapes some great little this is a little breast cancer awareness ribbon here and even a little point 9 to 5 stamp if you're doing some sterling jewelry so this is just a handful the stamps you'll find at but these are all new to the website and then if you do love stamps these are really fun so these are by impress art and they're actually storage cases so they are meant to hold six millimeter stamps and you just kind of pull this lid off it'd be a little tricky at first but does keep your stamps in there and if you notice there is actually the alphabet marking so you can store an alphabet stamp in here but you can also store whichever stamp you want and you can do it facing up so you can actually see what the stamp is so there's a large size and then there's also this cute little small size that holds nine and these are these are solid these will not break on you they're a nice hard hard plastic so those are fun and then I've still got more to show you because we have these little scratch protector pads now so I've got a little two by two steel block here and I've already is one these are basically sticker sheets and there's 20 of them in here and you pull off this little sticker and it's clear I love this and you just place it on your block and this now is a scratch protector pad but it also gives you gridlines and so we're going to end up putting our little stamping blank on there and it won't scratch the back of the blank so that's really handy and then I'm going to be stamping here in just a minute with this half pound hammer so we have a brass hammer already in the beadaholique collection by impress art that's one pound and now we have a half pound 1/2 and then once I've done my stamping I am going to be filling it in with this little stamp enamel marker and this is a black one so I am ready to go ahead and do my stamping now that is stamp I'm going to move some of this out of the way a little bit just so I have more room to work so when you are doing metal stamping you want a nice flat hard surface so I'm working on my table here you won't gonna need your stamping blank and you're gonna need the little metal block and what's nice is with the empress' art stamps they do have a little image of what the stamp is on it and the impressed art logo you always want that facing you if it's facing you you know your stamp will be in the upright position so for this one here I just want to for the most part Center it so I'm just gonna put it on the block and kind of look at it from all angles it's always good to double triple check that you've got it right where you want it and I'm gonna try to give it one really good whack and I apologize this is gonna be a little loud alright and if we can see it we have stamped it now you can definitely leave it like that is good to go as is but if you want it a little bit darker we're gonna use this pin so to do that first off protect your work surface so I'm just going to put some regular computer paper down right here and you're gonna want a paper towel so here's the pen itself now I've already used this one it does come with a replacement tip but what you'll notice about my tip is it's already black because I've used it shake it up okay remove the cap again and I'm going to just go over the lettering right here and you can see I was not careful at all so the pen itself says to let it dry for one to three minutes so there's some handy little instructions right here so it says shake it initiate the color so you only have to do that once then you use it and then you dry for one to three minutes and you wipe off the excess so I'm going to let it dry for about one minute is what I have found works really well okay it's been about a minute and now if you have a lot on there you can do an initial dab where you take some off and then you're gonna wipe it and you can see we definitely see the handmade stick out better now what I notice is some got into this little edge so you know what I want to do I'm gonna make that whole edge darker I'm just gonna go ahead and fill that whole thing in let that dry now for a minute and then when I wipe it away that hole a little border which is really cool cuz that came pretty stamped it's gonna be a little bit darker as well if you didn't want that to happen he just would have been a little bit more careful than I was with putting it right on the lettering which is what I did here okay let's wipe it away again make sure your work surface is protected there we go I like that that looks much more consistent alright so we made a great little stamp it says handmade and here's the other want you see what that border filled in or not filled in and you can get these stamp markers and other colors too which is fun so I hope you enjoyed that quick little tutorial on how you do the metal stamping and then learned about this little stamp scratch pad which is so handy I'm going to be using that all the time and when you're done with it it just peels off and it your metal block is still looking great and fine and doesn't do leave any gummy marks or anything like that so it just does peel off nice and easy so everything you see here and many many more items by impress art and tools for metal stamping are available for sale at

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