Product Demonstration: Liver of Sulphur Extended Life Gel

SKU VID-1288
Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video, you will see how to use XL Gel Liver of Sulphur for oxidizing solid copper and sterling silver ball chain. Some of the shine can be returned to the metals using a polishing cloth.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique this is the liver of sulfur extended life gel so this gel is used to oxidize metal which is to make it darker and then we can return the shine if we want with a polishing cloth so we have got three different sizes one two and four ounces and the advantage of the gel is that it has a longer shelf life than the dry liver of sulfur liver of sulfur is actually a naturally occurring potassium compound which smells a little like rotten eggs and so you know you've got the right stuff so for this demonstration I'm going to use just a couple drops in this medicine cup usually it calls for a teaspoon which is about to the tip of my thumb there and that would be for twelve ounces of water so we're just going to fill this about halfway which is about a tablespoon and it will be with just a couple drops and some hot water I have here which is at about 140 degrees so pretty hot I'll mix that up with my toothpick I'm wearing gloves just going to stinky stuff not because it's toxic turn that up I can feel how hot it is my fingers and I have a couple of ball chains here I have sterling silver and solid copper and in my working with this I've learned that solid metal is important to use because what the oxidizing does is it actually just strips the top layer of the metal so if you're using a plated piece it will just fry that top layer right off so at least with the solid metals you can get the shine back if you want I'm gonna leave that any can see it's gotten really dark right away and the hotter the water is and the longer you leave it in the darker patina you'll get I really only need to leave this for a few seconds then what I'm going to do is shift it over to this water to stop the reaction it's also recommended that you could mix some baking soda in with the water to treat it for this as well stop that chemical reaction so I rinse it set that aside give it a nice job it did of oxidizing that silver I'm going to do the same thing with the copper enough to hone in and it goes dark really fast bring it back out same thing now another paper towel here you to dry these off and we'll try to bring back some of the shine underneath some of that color of the metal dry dry it actually take your gloves off work more easily with the polishing truck so see what we get okay see it's taking some of this teen off I need to keep working with the copper to get back down to the original metal I could see some of the pink returning under there but it is taking some work so what you would probably want to do with this is use less liver of sulfur water that's not quite as hot and just dip it in real quick bring it back out see some of the coppers coming back out from underneath that oxidizing and you would just return it to your desired shine now if the silver give this one a try it comes back a little more quickly a shine to that one and also this is a much smaller chain so that's just a quick overview of this liver of sulfur extended life gel and they're available at thanks for watching you

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