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Hi, this is Kat with now in order to do that I've brought out a few different styles here but this really does work for a lot of different styles of bead caps I did also bring out four different sizes of Swarovski pearls just so I could really kind of demonstrate so we have a 6 and 8 a 10 and a 12 so I'll kind of be showing you really what we're gonna be doing in order to make the bead caps here and you can see that I've done a few over here to kind of fit that mold so I'm gonna start actually with this kind of little guy here now this is kind of cool so you can see that when I flip it over all those little petals are separated so we have this really nice open piece of filigree but if you look on its side and I'm gonna try to hold this up for you it's very sort of cone like it just kind of drops down and it's very like straight it wouldn't actually kind of curve with a bead so that's why we're gonna use the dome block today there we go so I have the six millimeter pearl here so you can see that when I put it on there it just kind of sits on like a little hat you know but that's not really the look I want to go for so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this and I'm actually gonna place it into my doling block so you can see here this is sort of what a doming block is it's these little pins here and it's just gonna create little domes with the different sizes and of course they coordinated to each size that you're gonna use so let's actually go ahead and put that into the five millimeter dome there so what you're starting to see is you see that little filigree kind of poking up there so you're gonna take your little pin turn it over and place it into the center there so what we're gonna do is we're going to essentially round out that bottom so you can just take a hammer and you don't need a very heavy hammer because we're not backing it this isn't stamping so it's just a few little taps here and you can just kind of move your little DAP around and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna pull that out and you can see just ever so slightly that it rounded that top so let me try to show you both of them next to each other so you can kind of just see that it just rounded out the little top there and as opposed to a little flat side so that's one way so I'm going to take it another step and what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna place it into the other block that we have here and this is gonna be the 8 millimeter so I'm gonna come over and I'm gonna use this pin and now you'll kind of see it disappear under there but you can also just sort of watch the pin and I'm just gonna DAP it very gently you kind of see it go in there alright just move it around a little bit and now when I take that out it's much more flattened and rounded so that was an 8 millimeter so I can come over here to my 8 millimeter now and that's a nice little fit there so now it's too big for my 6 but you kind of get the idea so that's just one little example now let's take another example here so we have these little guys and these are pretty flat as you can see so what we want to do is we want to kind of just crunch it all together there so let's take a look at our 10 millimeter see how that just wouldn't work very well right there so that's not gonna work it's tired 12 all right so again you're really kind of seeing and I know this might be difficult so I'll put it against the white there that it kind of flares out it really doesn't act as a bead cap it doesn't really grab it so what we're gonna do is we're gonna come over here and I'm gonna place it into my 11 millimeter a little dome there I'm gonna take my pin and one more time we're just gonna kind of come over here and just give it a couple little debts just to really kind of just DAP it around and just curve it a little bit that's that's what we're going for we just want to kind of curve it in so now you can see that it's a little bit more curved and it's it's a little bit nicer there but I actually think I want a little bit more so I'm gonna try it in the 8 here now I don't want to DAP it too much so you can get a nice little sort of and we're getting closer there try to do a little bit more you can see that it's still kind of sitting up there which is OK slipping around a little bit don't worry about it the dome blocks are very forgiving let me just try it one more time here I'm just sort of getting it as Center as I can inside there there we go all right so now we've domed it to about it about an 11 there 11 8 so yes you can see that it's starting to take a little bit of shape I might continue to work with it a little bit more I did this one earlier that fits a little bit closer so it's definitely much improved from what it was before so again you can just kind of play with it ok so we've talked about kind of bringing it in to really keep it nice and tight so one other thing I want to show you is on the silver guy here so you can actually already see that the bead cap comes like this it comes so that it's too grabby because it'll just kind of sit on top and I'll kind of show you what that looks like so it fits but it doesn't really fit because this is an 11 excuse me this bead cap is 11 millimeters and this pearl is 12 so what I did was I actually opened it up to make it fit on like so so it's a much tighter fit now and all you need to do for that is just go into one of the larger ones here and let's see okay I'm gonna go into the 14 and I'm just gonna open this up just a little bit and the nice thing is you can kind of play with these see how they fit maybe you might need a little bit more yeah see there we go so now it looks so much better on there and you can see how if you you're using 'too it just really adds something to that bead so basically the you know the real reason that I wanted to bring this out is because we all know that it's really difficult to fit bead caps so what you can do is you can kind of make it your own by using a doming block even if it's just a very small adjustment so I have a couple other little examples here so this one I really flattened so this is actually the same one as we started with there so you can see how different that bead cap really is so don't get discouraged if it doesn't fit if you have one of these it's a great way to do that I also tested out sort of doing a little reverse doming where I wanted to kind of flare out the actual little bead cap so that if you wanted to like sit one on top of the other and like kind of stack your bead caps you could do that as well so you know you can really play a lot with these filigree ones you can actually use pliers to open them up but a really nice way to get a consistent dome to fit on a round bead is to use one of these doming blocks alright I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you found it very helpful for fitting your bead caps you can find all of these supplies and even more tutorial videos and tips by heading over to

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