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Hi, this is Kat with stone briolette here I'm also going to show you how we can hole punch a Nunn design flat tag to create a nice little connector and the other components that I'm going to be working with here is I have some 4 millimeter swarovski bicones and these are in a beautiful white opal color I have some oval jump rings these are four by six millimeter 20 gauge and I have some 22 gauge two-inch eye pins and I have some beautiful and then design hooks here now the wire that we're going to use is going to be artistic wire and I'm today I'm using the tarnish resistant silver in a 26 gauge wire so those are the components that we're going to be working with the tools that we have for today we have a hole puncher which I'm going to show how to use I have some files here in case that hole punch gets a little sharp on me and then I have a round nose plier a wire straightening plier some flush cutters and a chain nose plier so if you have all of your components ready we're ready to begin all right so we're going to start by taking our artistic wire and we're going to start by doing that briolette here so what I'm gonna do is I want to take about ten inches or so off of my wire so I'm just gonna come in with my flush cutter and just trim that off now I'm gonna take my wire straightening pliers and just give it a nice little straight in there just to kind of unbend it a little bit it'll still have a bend in it but that's okay there we go just a little straighter alright so now I'm gonna take that wire and I'm gonna thread it through the hole of the briolette now a briolette has that nice little side drilled hole towards the top of our little kind of teardrop shape there so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to slide it down until it's about 2/3 of the way down my wire and then I'm gonna come over the top and just sort of bend it with my fingers kind of bringing that closer and sort of bringing it across the way there and now I'm going to do the same with the other side just kind of Criss crossing it at the top all right so you can kind of tighten it down together there just a little bit so now I have my wires sort of criss crossed so what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to take that back wire there and just straighten it up so it looks like it's coming straight out the top almost like a Hershey kiss and then I'm gonna take my longer wire and I'm just gonna gently wrap it around the back and around again so I get that nice little sort of little knot there at the top so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to leave that top piece down and I'm just gonna wrap it down and what I want to try to do is just make that wire seem like it's sitting just further and further down every time now there are a couple different ways where you can sort of wire wrap a briolette this is sort of gonna be a nice little messy version I want it to look very organic you know you can make it nice and neat and nice and tight but I want it to look kind of kind of organic so I'm just going down and then up above and then down again just I want to get it kind of nice and nice and messy you know so it has it has a cool look to it all right so I'm gonna wrap one more time and I'm gonna come around to the back here and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to come in with my flush cutters and just snip it off there and I'm gonna take my chain nose pliers here and just kind of tuck that underneath there I just want to make sure that it kind of it gets in the back and this is where that messy wrap kind of helps alright so just kind of squeeze in there there we go alright so now with my piece at the top here what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kick it back and I'm gonna make a little wire loop around the top there and then to kind of bring it all together I'm just gonna keep wrapping until it sort of meets up with the other wire wraps that I've done so far now you can do a wire wrapped briolette in many different ways but this is just showing a version of it so again all I need to do is just kind of bring it down there and bring it across and then I'm gonna do that same thing there I'm going to come in with my flush cutters and give it a nice little snip set that aside and then just make sure that I tuck that why in wanna make sure he's nice and secure there alright so that is my little wire wrapped briolette there so now we're ready to move on to connecting everything together here so what I'm gonna do is I need to make a little hole punch there at the bottom so I'm going to take my two hole punch pliers that I have sorry this is not a plier this is a little bit more like an anvil but what I want to show you is on one side and you may not be able to see this on the video but it does say 1.5 millimeters on one side and then two millimeters on the other side so the two millimeter one is the one that we're going to use today so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna take a little piece of just a sticky note here just kind of use a little piece there and I just want to kind of cover up where I know I want my hole to be just to sort of help guide my little my little there we go alright so just to help it there okay and it came off there we go alright so now what I want to do is I'm gonna get that hole right close to the bottom there so you just sort of twist it open enough that I can fit it in there and just make sure it's right where you want it to be and I'm just gonna gently twist it down just a little bit just so I can kind of just make sure it's centered I'm just gonna eyeball it here from the top there we go and all you need to do now is just we're just gonna turn this top part and it's gonna kind of click down when I go through that hole there we go and now we're just gonna reverse it so I can just take that out and it's very easy it doesn't require a lot of strength you can see the edge of it just came out there there we go alright snaps so now I have my hole punch done there right at the bottom alright so the next thing that we're gonna do and the reason I use that paper is just because you can see that I have a little little extra on the back so I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take my little flush cutters and I'm just gonna kind of trim that up see if there's any little shards that I need to get rid of and then we can come in with our little files here and I'm gonna use the yellow file it's gonna be nice and slim there just to file away the back this is just smoothing any of the metal shards there we go alright just a handy little tool to have if you ever do any sort of metal punching alright so now what we're gonna do is I'm going to take one of my oval jump rings here and just gently give it a little twist hook it onto the loop of my briolette and to that loop of the bottom there and this is why we're using those oval jump rings so that we get a nice little sort of oops I need to actually open mine just a bit more so we get a nice little sleek look there there we go closing that up there we go so it has a nice little little drop down just like so alright so now let's get to our buy cones here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one of my little eye pins here and I'm gonna slide a bicone onto it just slide it all the way down and now because I want it to sit a certain way I need to make sure that the loop is going the opposite way to what it is now so I'm gonna take my round nose pliers here and I'm gonna come in so that I'm perpendicular to the loop that's on the bottom I'm gonna bend that back and I'm actually gonna move my pliers up a little bit almost to halfway in my pliers because I want to make this loop a little bit bigger to accommodate that hole there alright so now I'm just bending the wire up and over the top and coming around with my plier and coming across trimming it and now we're ready to add this big loop here to the bottom or this you know the big loop to the top rather of our tag just like so so you see why we wanted to have a little bit of a larger loop there and close that up and now all we have to do is add our earring hook so again just go ahead and come in to that simple wire loop up at the top give it a nice little kick back so that it can slide in easily there and just close up that loop alright so very simple very lovely but now you can see why we do some of the things here we use that oval jump ring there to accommodate some of that extra little space and then also up here we have that loop going the opposite way so that our earring will hang nicely so you can just kind of see that it'll hang towards the front there so that is how to make the Marrakesh market earrings you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos by heading over to you

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