Show & Tell: Dakota Stones Druzy Gemstone Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the selection of faceted round Druzy gemstone beads, as well as square, coin and oval beads from Dakota Stones. Sparkling geodes peek thru these beads making them great to add some earthiness to your designs.
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Hi, this is Kat with beads and we have a lot of different varieties and colors so I'm just going to start and jump right in so I'm gonna start here with these beads here now we have a couple of different sizes here we have a beautiful eight and a six and just to kind of show you what a drusy looks like these are lovely little beads and these actually have faceted sort of sides but you can also see that you're gonna get that drusy crystal that sort of peeks through as I sort of roll that bead around in my hand there so each bead is going to be 100% unique so if you just kind of want to look down here and you can see that this one has a really nice geode side to it this one actually has a little bit of almost a matte finish to it so these are really unique and especially with this one in particular here this is a nice little sort of rainbow finish so you're getting to see a lot of these nice little sparkles so just kind of as I move them around on the table you can really see how each bead is completely different which is actually kind of fun and it's great to use in designs so I made a memory wire bracelet here and I used these lovely blue drusy beads so you can see just taking a look at that one there that has a really nice interest to it but what's nice about these particular beads is that they all have that facet so you're really getting that nice sort of glittery shimmer even as you move it and for this design I paired it with some noodle beads and with some lava beads now these are actually really fun to work with and they go so well with the Dru Z's just for that really natural look and this sort of became a nice little 2-tone piece so this tutorial will be available at and just to kind of show you a couple of the other ones we do have some silver I love this beautiful purple I'm just really shimmery and you can actually see how lovely these strands are so you'll get the full strand in the size that you choose of course but we have purple and gold and then this golden blue which is really kind of fun it has almost a yellow tint to it but really natural looking and just really really fun so very beautiful stuff so aside from the faceted ones that we have here we do have some round beads up here as well and these I'm just gonna kind of pick up here and show you that they're a little bit more matte finished and you can see that the geodes are a little bit thinner in style there as they kind of pop through so really fun and beautiful and just look at how long this strand is you really get a lot of beads for what you're gonna be working with here so you can really choose the couple that are gonna stand out for you and you can also choose ones that are a little bit more rounded which are nice to sort of pair for earrings and all kinds of bracelets and necklaces so I feel like with the jerseys you're really gonna focus on making a lot of just organic looking kind of jewelry so we have a couple down here as well we have a silver and again here we are with that beautiful sort of rainbow and this I think is one of my favorites just because you really get to see that little sparkle come through even on these matte finished beads so the other thing that we have here and I just have one more strand here and I wanted to pull out so you could see just how long this is but we do have these lovely sort of donut rondelle's and you can see these ones are definitely a little bit more chipped to really give you more of that drusy so lots of different styles and shapes and just you can kind of see as I roll them around here they're gonna be really nice and organic but again you're getting a nice long strand so that you can really make amazing jewelry and you'll have a lot to choose from because I know sometimes when you get a gemstone strand you might only want to use these four or you can kind of clump them together and use these ones so it's just it's a really nice thing to get such a large strand so we're really excited to bring this to you all right so finally in our in our last drusy beads here we have these and they're cut out they kind of look like little cabochon x' however they do have a little hole here and it's a single hole that goes top to bottom and we have oval we have circle and we also have these lovely little square shapes as well so lots of fun ideas here you can probably see the hole maybe a little bit better on this one here so as you can kind of see it goes top to bottom there and these are great for doing some organic wire wrapping and just to kind of create fun little pendants and little earrings here so you can actually see this in another video I'm going to be showing you exactly how to do this technique to create a lovely little pair of earrings and while the front is that nice sparkly geode what you're gonna get on the back is almost a nice little marbled effect so that you don't even have to cover up the back which is actually something really really nice you're not getting something that kind of looks bad in a 360 you're getting something that is a nice completed piece so be sure to check that video out that'll be available of course here on YouTube and but these are the lovely selection that we are proud to bring you from Dakota stones and these are our drusy gemstone beads so head over to you'll find all of these more tutorials and even more videos you

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