Show and Tell: Tronex Precision Cutting Tools and Pliers

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the wide range of pliers, cutters, and wire working tools from Tronex. These professional tools are steel and made in the USA. They also have protective tips to help keep your tools protected for a long life of beautiful jewelry making.
Update: Some styles shown in this video have been discontinued and are no longer available. We have updated the "Featured in this Video" section with current availability.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and they are made of steel and they are made in the USA so you're gonna get a really nice quality you're gonna get a lovely little spring back action here and you're gonna get a nice sort of comfortable handle so we do have a couple of different sizes so let me just kind of bring those over to show you so you can see that these handles are the same size but those tips are gonna be a little smaller so these are round nose pliers here and just to kind of show you from the side you can see that you can use the smaller version here for that really intricate work and we have a larger version here that's going to give you just a little bit more stability if you're trying to wrap something that's maybe a little bit bigger so lots of options for these and I love the small handles on these they're wonderful for if you're traveling or if you're at a jewelry show and you need to make quick fixes alright so moving along we have some flat nose pliers and again I'll kind of show you this side there and these are again really lovely if you're doing some wire work I like how small the tips are on these small smaller versions so you can just really get in there and do nice fine jewelry work alright so we have a couple of pairs of chain nose pliers and these are definitely the standard and any jewelry makers arsenal so these are wonderful and again we have that really nice small tip and we have that little bit of an elongated tip as well and to finish off my small pliers here we have a lovely flush cutter now this is recommended to be used with 22 gauge wire at the tip and 18 gauge wire a little bit further down so anything in that range is going to be great for this type of cutter now we don't recommend using any of the cutters you'll see here in this video for memory wire it could definitely hurt the pliers so we don't want you to do that alright so before I move on to the larger pliers here I'm going to show you that all of these pliers come with a really nice little rubbery tip and this helps not only to protect your pliers but protect anything that might be in your toolbox as well so let's say you have some jewelry making supplies and you kind of toss them in a bag you know that they will stay nice and protected and it's a nice rubber piece so it's not going to move easily on you have to squeeze the pliers to release the cap so just a nice little sort of added bonus to protect these lovely lovely tools all right so we're gonna move on and we're gonna talk about the large pliers here so let me go ahead and pick up the flat nose pliers and then I'm gonna pick up the smaller version just so you can kind of really see them side by side and you can see them in my hands with this one you're gonna get a little bit more leverage there and a little bit more stability with this I recommend it for a quick fix or for traveling but if you're doing a lot of jewelry your hands might want a little bit of a bigger plier but it's entirely up to you and how you decide to work so I'm just going to start and show you that these are again those same sort of flat nose pliers that are going to have a smaller version and a larger version now these are both that longer that longer handle so you can choose that option we also do have a round nose plier here we have a chain nose plier and we have two different pairs of cutters so these are going to have a little bit of a different need so just depending on what you're looking for you can choose the right cutter for your jewelry making I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these pliers and many more tools at and be sure to hit the subscribe button below to stay up to date on all the latest from beadaholique you

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