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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com stone beads now we have a beautiful variety here but today we are focusing on the round beads so what I have here is I have three strands and I just wanted to pull these out so you could really see the size difference from the three sizes that we've brought in for you we have the eight millimeter which is this largest size here we have the six millimeter and we have the four millimeter now what's really great about these is these are all on eight inch strands which makes them really lovely and affordable so that way you don't have to worry about you know if you're buying too much or you know you'll have stones that'll sit around for a while also the reason I wanted to pull out these aqua impression Jasper was so that you could really see the variety that you're getting in those eights in that eight inches but you're also getting a really nice uniformity with these round beads you can just kind of say I'm just kind of rolling them on my table here so to kind of go over what we've got here we have a ton of gemstones so I'm just gonna start calling out a few that are just my favorites here we do have some blue solid eight we do have some onyx here I love the rose quartz these are just really really beautiful I also love the blue gold stone I'm just gonna kind of pick this up so you can really see it it kind of shimmers it almost looks like a galaxy and we do have the gold stone over here as well but we have some pyrite carnelian tiger's eye labradorite that has a beautiful flash in that gray so just some really beautiful things here's some white howlite so for all of these here that you're going to see we do have them in all the sizes which is really lovely especially if you're trying to match them together and really use the same stone in different sizes so again just some of those beautiful stones up here these are the six millimeters and then over here these are the four millimeters just beautiful beautiful stones great quality so I do have a few projects here so I'm going to start by kind of showing you this so this uses those 8 millimeters and this uses the malachite bead and it is just really gorgeous and I love the pairing of gold and green it's so classic but it also kind of has a nice little ancient vibe to it so I wanted to bring in these beautiful little tierracast pieces to create this strong choker necklace now our designer Rachel she designed this and this is just so fun and she actually did a great little video tip showing you how to sort of fill the spaces when you're using round beads on a rapid loom so be sure to check that out very soon and we also have this here now this uses the four millimeters and what I love about this is it actually gives a little bit of movement and all these are is just it looks like it's a really hard work but it's just a cluster of and I'll just kind of separate one out here for you it is just a wrapped wire loop with a jump ring attached to this beautiful Nunn design teardrop and I wanted to create a nice long necklace so that you could kind of use this as a fun little focal or with that layering trend that we're still seeing out in jewelry so a lot of fun things to do choose your size choose your styles and your colors and we are so excited to bring you this beautiful collection of round beads from Dakota stones be sure to check out beadaholique.com for a full list of everything you see here in this video and if you're enjoying our videos be sure to hit that subscribe button below you

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