Show & Tell: Delicate Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Jewelry Elements

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see some wonderful pieces that can help you achieve the trend of delicate jewelry and with sterling silver and gold filled pieces you know you are getting great quality.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with a delicate jewelry and they're also great to utilize with the adjustable slider clasps so let's actually start there so I made this bracelet featuring this lovely sort of curved infinity and this is a beautiful little sterling silver focal and I have my sterling silver chain here but what is really neat is this little clasp here is actually a little slider so I can hold that and slide my chain through to where it and just sort of slide it to adjust that right size for me now the piece that's new here is this little teensy tiny little ball here at the end just something nice to sort of finish off this little bracelet with so we do offer these and again I said they are sterling silver and gold filled so this one here on my bracelet is the 3 millimeter but you can also see that we have four millimeter and five millimeter so you don't have to use these with this application but they are wonderful for that and if you wanted to sort of match a certain size or a scale we have three different options for you to do that and these are wonderful they have a nice little actually I'll show you here on the largest one they have a nice little soldered ring at the top so you just add a little jump ring and you're good to go alright so the next piece that we have here we have these lovely little disks now I only have the gold filled out here on my table but we do offer these in sterling silver as well I just wanted to bring the gold out because I think they would just show up really nice for you today so we have a few different sizes starting over here we have four millimeters we have six seven nine and eleven now eleven is that biggest size but I just kind of wanted to show you how it looked on a finished chain so if I can just sort of hold that up for you you can see even just against my hand there how delicate this still really is now this is my personal taste I do like something a little bit larger even on the delicate side I just think it makes a really little statement you get that nice flash of gold as you wear it but if you wanted to go for something a little bit more delicate you can choose something down here now this is the six millimeter so you can just kind of see how much more delicate that is in my hand so you can also as a suggestion oops layer them as well so you can create some really beautiful layered delicate jewelry just by using these very simple little disks now I'm just using some jump rings and some finished chain here but be sure to sort of experiment with all the ways that you can use these and don't get them tangled alright so that is just a little sort of extra pieces that we've brought in for you to utilize with your delicate jewelry now one of the fun things is as these can sort of be a little Enders to a necklace they can end a little earring I love the balls they can you can just sort of add those to the end of a gemstone chain is a nice little finisher so that's also something to consider as well so be sure to check for more tutorials and videos and I hope you enjoyed this so be sure to hit the subscribe button below if you did and of course you can find all of these at you

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