Show and Tell: Czech Sol Gel Seed Beads and Designer Palettes

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll see an overview of our Czech Sol Gel seed beads, which feature a vibrant, fade-resistant color coating and many beautiful, bright opaque and opalescent hues. You'll also see some of our exclusive designer color palettes created to help you take the guesswork out of pairing colors of Sol Gel seed beads for your jewelry projects.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Rachel with beadaholique to show you our Czech sol-gel seed beads this is a beautiful group of Czech glass seed beads with a special long-lasting color finish so the soul gel treatment protects these beads from exposure to sunlight and washing and it's a really durable finish that is fade resistant and that's a great thing because these colors are so vibrant and beautiful so they come in some pastel colors like you see here some really nice bright vibrant colors and some translucent opalescent colors that are really nice and soft and delicate and these beads come in three different sizes they come in six oh eight oh and eleven oh and they come in these nice big tubes so you get a lot of beads now we know there are so many different beautiful color combinations with these beads so we wanted to help you out so we created a couple of designer color palettes with color combos chosen by the beauty holic designers just all to take some of the guesswork out of creating projects with these beads and I'll show you these real fast first in the center here we have havana summer and these are some nice pastel opaque use so we have pacific opaque jade opaque wheat opaque and pink coral opaque and this is a necklace i made with this color palette it's a spiral bead crochet and it includes this color palette and some wood beads and it's just a really earthy look next over here we have mermaid Cove and this palette includes amethyst opal tanzanite opal African opal and rose opal and here's a bracelet that our design assistant Haley made this is just a flat herringbone stitch bracelet and it uses all the colors from this palette and it's just a nice soft beautiful translucent view here and last up here we have coral reef and this includes aqua opal plum opaque celadon opaque and coral opaque and this is just a really fun bright summery palette here so lots of beautiful color combos and a nice finish on these checks sole gel beads you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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