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Hi, this is Kat with and i love that it comes in this nice hard plastic so it is definitely travel ready so i just want to kind of open it up for you and just release the lashes there and you're going to have this plastic train here that is going to be holding your three pliers now you'll have a nice long round nosed pair of pliers here and just go ahead and take those out really nice they fit in your hands nicely so they're great for travel so there's that one and then we also have a pair of flush cutters take that nice pair of flush cutters back and then finally we have some chain nose pliers but as a little added bonus these have that rosary plier feature that has that little cutter in it as well so it's a really nice versatile tool so those are the three pieces and those are the tool and then in here you'll have a little bead board so this is great for travel too if you are wanting to play some beads in there or do some work and planning some bracelets so it is miniature but it's actually really great for travel so if you're working on a surface where you know you don't want your beads to really roll around and a bead mat isn't going to do it you can sort of place them in here and you can do findings and everything like that in here as well so that is the travel toolkit so I'm just going to kind of put it back together here and this is a nice little kit especially if you are doing any traveling or if you want a little bit of a starter kit with some starter tools these are your three basic tools that you're going to need and what I love and just before I put the FAQ there's a little slit right here and I think you can actually maybe fit some needles in there so maybe big eye needles if you're making some stretch bracelets or what have you so nice little added added bonus right there but you just close it up and you're good to go ready for travel so that is the beadalon for peace travel toolkit I hope you enjoyed this video be sure to hit subscribe below and you'll be no sign of all of our new videos here from you

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