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Hi, this is Kat with this is a very close relative so this is very nice and delicate and all those links are interconnected and you can see each little individual stamping here has a nice little loop so you would just cut that loop off and you would be able to string onto that chain if you can just let me just go ahead and put that down if you can see on this final loop here you'll actually be able to either put a jump ring or do wire wrapping to hang a pendant or anything like that if you wanted to make earrings but it also is very nice and it's very kind of slinky so you can make some really beautiful necklaces and even just some bracelets that's just very delicate it's very Grecian especially in this gold color now this is a matte gold we also have an antique brass a matte gunmetal an antique silver and an antique copper so we have lots of different styles to choose from I hope you enjoy working with this beautiful delicate Chevron chain check out for more videos and tutorials you

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