Show and Tell: SuperDuo Duets

SKU VID-1149
Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the SuperDuo Duet 2-hole Czech Glass beads. This are designed just like a traditional SuperDuo but have two colors back to back in one bead. You can use them with the SuperDuos and many more 2-hole beads to make fun and colorful designs.
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Hi, this is Kat with into two halfs so we have some of the duets right up here at the top and just to show you I'm going to pick up one of these that has an ivory and a blue and you can kind of see how it's just split right down the middle there so on one side you do get that jet-black almost blue and on the other side you have that Navy and that's true of all of these now some of them will have a little bit more contrast and then there are others here let me see this one which is more of a pink and a blue you get just a little bit more subtle contrast so it's actually kind of nice the way they've done this you really get a lot of choices with your colors and I've also brought out several colors of our super duos now this is just a selection but I wanted to show you how easy it is to try to find your color and match it up so that you can use it in the same design so for example I have a gray and a hematite here and I have the gray hematite super duos so these kind of have a really neat little thing that you can do and you can kind of back them up into each other and I've done that with the black and white so you can really see that contrast here so you can see on the inner circle there I've been using the duets and then when I get to the sides I've been using the regular super duos so it kind of creates a really neat sort of jagged effect and a jagged sort of color pattern for the eye to dance off of so I hope you enjoy working with the super duo duets you can get all of these supplies and find many more tutorials at you

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