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Hi, this is Kat with and then we also have a traditional craft which you can actually do stampings and writing so this is great if you want to personalize it and then we have a medium sized and we have that in the white and silver here and this is going to be seven by five and then we have three variations of the larger bags and these are six by nine so I just wanted to take one out real quick and I left them in all their rubber bands so that this is the actual packaging that you're gonna get so you get a hundred of them which is really great and this is wonderful for craft fairs or if you're doing any gift giving so this is one of the bags here they're actually really great quality but they're nice and lightweight as well so you can kind of see that you can't see my hand through there all that well so that you know it kind of hides a package if it's if you are giving a gift you can just sort of do a nice little fold-over have a nice sticker but I just want to point out to you that these bottoms do not expand so these are not pop-out kind of bags that you can traditionally get so I actually think this makes it really wonderful forgiving you know a nice pair of earrings or something so it won't kind of get lost also if you fold it down correctly you can actually put a nice little gift card in there so it makes it nice and nice and fun so I recommend using these in craft fairs and gift-giving have a lot of fun with them and you can personalize these with stickers and stamps and it's just a really fun craft so there you have it these are the paper gift bags that we have here at beadaholique and even more supplies at you

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