Product Spotlight: Gemstone Bezel Pendants and Links

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video explores some different ways to use gemstone bezel pendants and links. Also see some examples of beautiful druzy gemstone pendants and finally learn how to make a lovely ruby gemstones pendant and pearl chain necklace. Various earring silver-filled, gold-filled, and vermeil earring hooks are also shown as is an array of gemstone chain.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm gonna show you a product I'm really excited about. It's these gemstone pendants and they are just gorgeous. I actually wanna hold a couple so you can see their facets in the light and we've got a wide variety of stones. Right here I have a sampling. I have some emerald sapphire, Chalcedony some ruby and some Labradorite you can see that they are Labradorite on both sides and there in a bezel setting now the gold ones are Gold Vermeil and the silver are sterling silver Really nice quality and I wanted to give you some ideas of what you can do with these and then just for fun I put in some of the Druzy gemstones as well and these are beautiful as well, so they've got a flat back and on their front they're a great Druzy I've pulled some different things that are very inspiring or I that I find inspiring and I wanna share them with you. So a wide variety at earring hooks. If you're working with a gemstone like this you might want to consider silver filled or sterling silver or perhaps gold-filled or Gold Vermeil as well. Just a nicer quality finding to go with the really nice beautiful quality of these gemstones. So you can see there's a wide variety. This is just a few of the ones that we have at and then I've chosen on this one to just simply take a simple sleek gold-filled earring hook and just put it onto the pendant in this long oval-shaped here and that was a very easy to do All I did was, I can show you real quick I opened up that loop at the base and then I just slid on the pendant and in literally 10 seconds I had made an earring. I did two of those and now they look like they belong at a boutique and then another quick and easy project is you can take just a finished chain. I have a sterling silver snake chain here I added an sterling silver jump ring and I just hung this beautiful Labradorite pendant from it. Those are quick and easy and then here I have a link where I just put some little pearls on a head pin, created a simple wire loop and then attached them to the link. You can see this is what it looked like, well a little smaller here but this is what it looked like before and then it comes also in a Ruby and a couple other styles as well and then the final thing I want to introduce you to before I actually make a project with you which is going to be a necklace is I wanna show you gemstone chain and pearl chain which works so well with these gemstone pendants. So here I just took a length of gemstone chain in the Chalcedony and I chose the matching color for the actual little pendant, cut a couple of inches hung it from a earring hook. Super simple and now these are a great pair dangling earrings and I want to show you I did the same technique but with a non coordinating and a non little dangling chain, just a straight gemstone chain to create a different look but using the same stone and then I just chose a different earring as well. Again super quick, super easy and you can buy this stuff by the inch so you only need to buy as much as you need. I just wanna show you a variety here of the gemstone chain and the pearl chain because this comes in a silver setting as well. You could of matched it with that or you could have used a different color. You don't always have to make it all match but you'll see it is very pretty together and so we've got a wide variety. This just a few samples you can see how pretty these do look together. So it's fun to play around with that and now I do wanna show you how to really easily put together a necklace. So I cut myself 16 inches of pearl chain. When you purchase something like this you might end up with one loop that's intact and one loop that's cut. So now you wanna make sure you have two intact loops on each end. To do that we're simply going to cut away that little last link and I'd save that for another project. You could even make your little dangles with the pearls if you wanted to so now we're gonna complete our necklace by taking a gold filled jump ring, opening it up linking it onto that little loop and I've also got here a larger closed jump ring and close up my jump ring I'm gonna go to the other side to the same thing attach the jump ring, my little clasp as well Just like that you've actually created a finished necklace and I'm going to add a pendant to it so I'm going to find the middle point, here we go take another jump ring, would help if I used my chain nose pliers instead of my cutters, open up that jump ring slip it on to my beautiful ruby pendant and slip it right over the middle point close it back up and I have a very elegant heirloom quality finished necklace with a beautiful ruby hanging from some lovely pearls that are already connected together and you can see it didn't take me long but it looks like it would of taken forever to make this. So that is just one more idea of what you can do with these lovely gemstone pendants. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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