How to Use the Crystal Katana Flatback Crystal Rhinestone Applicator

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Designer: Karlin Jones
In this video tutorial see how to use the Crystal Katana Flatback Crystal Rhinestone Applicator to apply rhinestone flatbacks to a stamping. This tool will help save time during the hand setting and gluing process of rhinestone application. Use it with flatback rhinestones sizes SS12-SS40 to bling out anything you like.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Karlin with and today I'm going to show you how to use the Crystal Katana rhinestone applicator tool, which is a great tool that you used if you like to apply flat backs to your jewelry As you can see here I have a few examples. I personally love adding flat backs. So I think this tool is pretty handy. So let's take a closer look On one side you can see the black wax tip and you use it to actually pick up the rhinestones quite easily when you flip it over you see this chrome tip now this step is used to actually secure the flat backs in place so it's kinda like a 2 in 1 tool and as an added bonus we have this adaptive tool and what you do is you open up the chrome tip like so, stick this in there, close it backup. This tip is used to secure down smaller flat backs sizes ss9 to ss5. So let's put that aside and let's go ahead and use this tool and see how it works. So I have this scrap piece of wire here to use as my applicator and what I'm gonna do is take a tiny bit of glue add it to my stamping using the black waxed tip pick up a flat back and gently place it on top of the glue flip my tool over, using the Chrome tip with the hole press it down into the glue for a nice secure fit. Let's do that a few more times So as you can see using this tool, it's pretty handy because you can work quite fast and it'll allows you to stick down your flat backs securely. So enjoy using this tool The Crystal Katana to add flat backs to your jewelry. You can bling just about anything. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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