Overview of Pliers for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
Pliers may be the most essential jewelry making tool for beaders. They help hold and manipulate small components and are a must for wire work. This video reviews the 'core' pliers that every jewelry maker needs while also showcasing some of the more popular specialty pliers on the market. All tools are available at Beadaholique.
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com 'only used ones and then go into some of the more specialty ones that you may or may not be aware of first off let me show you the round nose like the name suggests it has two round noses and these are great for making wrapped wire loops and simple wire loops I'm going to grab a head pin and just quickly show you how easy it is to make a loop with a round nose plier then there are also chain nose pliers these are great because you can easily grip the end of a piece of wire such as this loop here and open and close it there are bent nose pliers which are much like a chain nose plier but with that bent nose I'm going to open a jump ring here so you can see these two an action together so you just grab either side of the jump ring and twist open so that really is a very easy application and use for these tight pliers then there's another variation of plier which works very similarly but it's a little bit different and that is a flat nose duckbill plier and if you look at the tips here you can see the difference one like the name says is flat nosed so that is something that you'll want to take into consideration when choosing your pliers to what are you going to be using it for which is going to be the best plier for the project then there are also crimping pliers now crimping pliers are used for beading wire and they allow you to very easily and securely crimp beads they come in a variety of sizes so you'll go ahead and you'll choose a size that is best for you then the other type of common pliers are cutters so different types of wire required different cutters so there's a memory wire cutter memory wire is incredibly strong and it will damage most regular cutters you'll want to use a memory wire cutter and then there are cutters which will give you a different type of cut so there's a double flush cutter flush cutters and end cutters now before I move on to the specialty pliers I want to pull out what I would recommend as a good starting plier set if you're new to jewelry making and these are the pliers are going to allow you to really do most projects and I would recommend these for and there's a variety of brands available so you'll just choose which one works for your budget and which one you like best in terms of size so I have the chain nose plier the round nose pliers so these two combined will allow you to make wrapped wire loops and simple wire loops into open jump rings the crimping pliers will allow you to use crimp beads and stringing projects and the flush cutter will allow you to cut the ends of your loops to cut other wire bits cut your beading wire whatever you may be are using as a material for your stringing projects and your jewelry making projects so these four types of pliers are really what I would recommend as a good starter set now I'm going to move into a little bit more specialty pliers these are really fun they all have very specific uses but if you are doing a project that requires one of those uses they're very handy you will really learn to love them first off our hole punching pliers so you just go ahead and sandwich whatever material it is that you're punching such as a metal stamping blank in between the noses and compress and you'll punch a very nice uniform hole and these come in different sizes and there's also replacement tips if you end up using these a lot and wearing them out but does take a lot to wear these out there's also rotary leather punch pliers now these can be used with other types of textiles as well such as flat cork faux leather whatever you are maybe using that you want to punch a hole in and you can actually go ahead and rotate the tip to get a different size hole i'm going to show you really quickly on these how easy they are to use so i have some flat cork and perhaps you're doing some riveting you're going to want to go ahead and punch a hole in it so you just go ahead sandwich the material punch you'll hear a little click and you end up with a very nice perfectly placed hole then there are dimple pliers so these create a decorative dimple in a stamping blank and i'm going to show you quickly how to use them I just have this little demo blank I've used it for a couple different things just sandwiching the blank between the two noses and pressing doesn't take a lot of pressure these come in a variety of sizes so you can see just created that little decorative element to it which is fun this one right here that I keep knocking with these other pliers is the one step looper a very popular plier this actually creates simple wire loops and cuts them for you all in one step now pliers that create the loops but don't cut them but are still very handy our wire looping pliers you can see they come in a variety of sizes in terms of the loop you're going to create as well as this one here which is one we love in the design space it has a round nose and a concave knows I'm going to show you how it works really fast so you're just going to go ahead and take an eye pin or a head pin whatever it is you're working with put the bead on it go ahead and grab the wire with the plier hold the bead squeeze and what it just did was it created half my loop for me and then all I have to do is pull the wire down rotate and pull the wire over to the side and now at this point I could just snip it and I have a simple wire loop or I could continue to hold it and create a wrapped wire loop and just trim off my end we use these a lot if I was going to recommend one other tool to add your basic starter tools it would be this one then continue along with some of the more specialty pliers we have bail making and mandrel pliers these are fun because they come in a variety of shapes and each nose has a little bit of a different size shape so it's like getting two pliers in one now you can wrap wire around here you can wrap filigree if you want to make up a nice filigree bail really nice for creating unif shapes over and over again then there are wire banding pliers if you're doing precision wire wrapping you know that that first wrap can be really challenging this helps you get it started split ring pliers to open up split rings finally we come to nylon jaw pliers these are great because the nylon tips help to prevent nicking and marring of your metal you can see we've got round nose flat nose we even have bracelet bending ones which will allow you to bend wire a piece of filigree stamping blank into a more curved bracelet friendly shape so if you'd like more information on any of the pliers you've seen here I know I went through them pretty quickly please check out the beadaholique website we have lots more videos on these particular pliers as well as more details about their uses you

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