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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com with 11 OC beads if you've ever done anything like this you know that can sometimes be hard to see those thread paths and i've actually pulled out some 1500 beads just to represent how tiny beads can be sometimes so to help you see these better we offer a selection of lights and magnifiers an example of a light would be this one here this is a magnetic light with a flexible neck and you can see that you can really direct where you want that light to focus we also have magnifying headbands and this is just one of the styles that we have available they're usually adjustable so you can get a comfortable fit and then if you want light in addition to the magnification there's lights that you can actually just attach on to these as well if you're just looking for a magnification you just want something small and simple there's a couple handheld options for you to choose from I have a I loop here as a jewelers I loop and as you can see it just folds out it might be a little hard to capture on camera here but this will magnify whatever you're trying to look at and there's also this eyeglass as well which is going to do the same thing so these are both really great options for something simple and handheld please do check out the website and our entire selection of magnifiers and lights you

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