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Designer: Julie Bean
Jewelry displays are a wonderful way to showcase your handmade designs. Whether selling your jewelry or keeping it for yourself, a display can really make your design stand out. At Beadaholique we offer a full range of necklace busts, stands, earring and bracelet displays, and more.
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Hi, this is Julie and i want to show you some of the jewelry display options available to you at beadaholique are great if you're selling your jewelry and doing shows or if you just like making handmade jewelry and you want some place to display your finished pieces at home like on your dresser or Bureau the first item I want to show you is this tray so let me take out the velvet insert and just see what it is so this tray is really handy for storing items even sorting beads we use these a lot in the design space but when you put the velvet insert in and this is super soft this has got great texture to it it becomes a really beautiful professional display and I'm going to put a piece of jewelry on here right now so you can see the velvet texture prevents the jewelry from sliding around which is very nice you can also take a you pin which is what this item right here is and pin your jewelry in place so let's say you're doing a fair and you want to go ahead and prep your items of the night before you can lay them out in the trays pin them in place and then just stack your trays and transport them in the morning to wherever your show is being held and then just remove the pins so that's a great time saver another type of display I want to show you is this t-bar bracelet stand now this is a single t-bar we actually have ones that are multiple bars and ones are for necklaces which is the same concept just taller and what you do is you go ahead and your slide your jewelry pieces onto the bar again is that great velvet texture it looks very professional very fancy for necklaces there are quite a few options there's something such as this which is a wire frame very lightweight easy to transport got these notches up top that allow you to hang your necklaces from and it keeps them spaced out which is really nice there's this type of stand right here it's nice because the top has several notches so you can hang multiple necklaces from it it folds down flat is lightweight and again you can pin to it so i have a jewelry piece here in progress I like to design on this particular stand it really helps me to conceptualize what the finished piece is going to look like and helps me with my measuring as well also for necklaces there are busts and they come in short as well as tall and what's nice about these again it's a really lovely texture and they look professional but on the back side there are these little bits of wire these little wire tabs that help to hold your piece in place as well as a ring and another bit of wire so as you can see with this example here this necklace is actually too long for this bust but I was still able to display it on it and it still looks really nice because of those wire tabs then four rings we have a ring stand you just go ahead and put your ring on one of the five fingers so this is nice because it's hard to display rings at a show or even on your Bureau but especially when you are doing an art fair you want to have multiple heights because you want to be able to maximize your booth or your table and you want everything to be showcased beautifully and you don't anything to get lost or hidden so this is really nice because it does give you that height and it brings those rings front and center then for earrings a couple different options as well one that's pretty common are these little hangtag cards so these have a little lip that allows you to hang them from a display they also have a little cutout that you can hang them from a post and then you'll see that they have several different holes on each side as to where you want to hang your earring from they're pretty inexpensive so you can go ahead and give these to the customer if you would like to is a nice little added bonus for the customer but they do keep your earrings really nice and secure couple other displays are these t bar displays and this leaning display the t-bar one here has little holes on either side and that's nice because it's going to allow you to secure your earring in place it's nice and tall if you have a dangling earring now you could go ahead and hang your earring up top if you want it if you didn't want to use the hole and what I love about this one is it is weighted on the bottom I've used this particular stand at several outdoor market and they've been windy it's just happened and what's nice is they're not going to blow over in the wind because you don't want to be trying to pick up your display as you're talking to a customer then this little guy is really nice and compact and he's got a little notch right here that you can go ahead and slip the earring hook into or again you can hang it up top and it is that really nice velvet texture again and it's super lightweight and easy to transport so I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of some of the jewelry display options available to you at beadaholique the website for the full selection and even more product details on each of these items you

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