Overview of Braiding and Knotting Tools for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
Create a wide array of braided and knotted jewelry projects using tools specifically designed to use with cords and fibers. All of the tools shown in the video are available at Beadaholique.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video I want to show you the variety of braiding and knotting tools we have available at beadaholique.com orden pins which will allow you to make projects such as this where as sometimes difficult to keep your fiber straight as you're doing the under overpasses so having a cork board and some pins is very helpful paracord bracelets are great and we have the EZ jig bracelet maker to help you with those as you can see you'll make your bracelet stretched across the top of this tool and it is adjustable so you can make whatever length bracelet you want there's the beadalon tassel maker tassels are a very fun addition to jewelry projects you can make quite a few very quickly with the tassel maker the artistic wire wire knitting tool a great tool if you like to knit with wire as well as the Viking knit tool kit here for your crochet projects we have a variety of crochet hooks in different sizes so you can use different size cords and fibers kumihimo is one of my favorite types of braiding and knotting projects and we have a variety of disks we have square ones both large and mini which will allow you to do flat kumihimo braids then we have the round disks in the regular size as well as the mini size which will produce round braids such as this to keep your cords from tangling there's bobbins very easy to use I like to actually store my extra cords in these bobbins they just keep them straight in my drawer which is nice there's Gator weight which you're going to clip on to the end of your braid as it feeds through the disc and that's going to help you keep an even tension so you end up with a nice uniform braid if you like to do pearl knotting we have a variety of tools such as tweezers the beadsmith knotting tool as well as the nada bead tabletop knot or tool I left this in the Box just because I wanted to quickly show you the back where you can see that it demonstrates how to use this if you like doing macrame friendship bracelets type of nodding like that there's the mini macrame board as well as the large one was quite nice about these as they're foam they're lightweight so you can easily hold them on your lap and they've got notches all along the sides so you can choose where you want to place your cords then finally we have the beadalon tying station again you're going to go ahead much like the EZ jig maker where you're going to stretch your cords across the span here it is adjustable and it's going to keep a nice even tension as you do your nodding all of these products are available at beadaholique individual instructional videos showing you how to use each one you

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