Overview of Cords and Ribbons for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video see the wide variety of cords and ribbons available at Beadaholique. These include faux leather cords, cotton and linen cords, Regaliz cords, paracord, pearl cotton, S-Lon, satin for kumihimo, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video i want to show you the various types of chords and ribbons available at beadaholique an estoppel and here we have some pleather and it comes in both this natural color as well as black is very flexible and soft which makes it great for either layering bracelets or wrapped bracelets we also have braided faux leather it comes in colors thick as well as thin flat faux leather ten millimeter and five millimeter widths and what I like about this product is this very soft on the back and it really does feel like leather round stitched faux leather snakeskin and then microfiber suede and this is very soft and easy to glue you go so braid the microfiber suede over here you'll see our regal ease collection we have the flat cork in 10 millimeter as well as five millimeter the round cork braided cork and several sizes this nice stitched corp as well as rubber and I have a couple project examples here as well and this is very easy to cut and glue which is nice when you're working with it you can see you can create really a variety of projects with it here are a couple samples of our rubber collection this too is very easy to work with it's very soft it's nice and thin and it comes flat as well as round we have cotton and linen cords as well here's some tassel cord wax cotton as well as woven soot ash is a really fun pretty product it's very easy to stitch through you can easily pierce it with a needle and it comes in metallic solids & Stripes if you like to do kumihimo there's a wide selection of satin rat tail both in solid colors as well as mixed collections and I wanted to show you the different sizes so we have 1 millimeter 2 millimeter and 3 millimeter and the solid colors are also available in these sizes as well for your stretch bracelet we have opal on as well as stretch magic Chinese knotting cord this is a project that used several colors and what's nice was Chinese knotting cord is it really holds its shape very well variety packs as well as solid colors in different sizes hemp cord which creates a really natural look as you can see here again you can buy it mixed in colors or solid within just the natural look pearl cotton for your crochet projects ribbons are always fun to work into your design so I really add a soft touch as you see in this project example here where there's a lot of bead embroidery that was done so there's quite a lot of focus on the main piece of the jewelry so the cord just finished it off beautifully without having to add too much distraction up top there's shoe lace silk which has been stitched together so it holds its shape velvet very soft fairy ribbon silk ribbon and what I like about this is it's finished on both ends and then grosgrain ribbon paracord quite a few colors a paracord available I just pulled this one orange but you can do a lot of different projects where you mix several colors together climbing rope if you want jewelry that really packs a statement and a punch and then finally we have s long we have Micro s lon and we have regular s lon as well as s long mixes and here's just a quick example where we use s lon put some beads on it and did a kumihimo wrapped bracelet you can see up near the clasp where the actual s lon is showing so I want to show you that it's a nice tight braid that you can create with that s lon and that was the regular size all of these braids and cords in a variety of colors are available at beadaholique so please do check out the website and the individual product categories for more information you

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