Overview of Jewelry Tags for Personalizing Handmade Jewelry

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Designer: Julie Bean
Add a personalized touch to your handmade jewelry by using jewelry tags. Whether wanting to mark a finished design with your personal stamp or initial or wanting to add a tag that marks the piece as handmade or made of sterling silver, there are a wide variety of tags to choose from.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video i want to show the different types of jewelry tags available at betta halik so there's three different types of tags really there's chain tags which are these guys right here you're probably familiar with what they look like they come in a variety of finishes and they're very small and petite oftentimes you'll see these on finished chain necklaces so i have this necklace i made here it's just a little initial necklace and you'll see this chain came pre made and it had one of these little tags already on it so that's really a nice way of creating a professional look for your jewelry pieces another type of tag is a quality tag so we have the little sterling silver 925 tag and it comes in a variety of sizes you can see there's a really petite one all the way up to quite a large one this one is handmade so you might put this on your jewelry if you are making it by hand and you want people to know that it's double sided there's also ones that say things like made with love and these come in different finishes and different sizes too so that you can pick which scale is going to work best with your jewelry piece and then the final type of tag are these little jewelry tags here so these are stamping blanks and they're very petite and this is just a small sampling they come in two other finishes as well and these are great because you can personalize them so I'm going to show you how to do that really quickly in this video so I'm going to take a middle block a brass hammer and a metal punch so this necklace here was done by our designer Carlin so I have the letter K so you're just going to go ahead you're going to position your punch right on top of the stamping blank make a hard hit and this I'm going to try to catch the light so you can see it so then I went ahead and I stamp the letter K in there now you can use a letter you can use a symbol there's a whole bunch of different shapes and styles of these stamping blanks available so then to add this to your piece of jewelry you just need to open up a jump ring and then slip it on and if you want to make that impression stand out a little bit more you could rub some p'tee in it or even a sharpie marker works well usually these tags end up near the clasp there's just a little added touch these are great if you are selling your jewelry and want to build your brand so that people know that these are designed by a particular person or a particular company they're also just a really nice touch too if you're giving away your jewelry is gifts and you want to just add that little extra touch so people always remember who made it a lot of different tags to choose from and what it really comes down to is tags add a really nice finished professional look to your jewelry designs you

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