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Hi, this is Julie with liquid jewelry cleaner there's full instructions for all these products i'm going to show you as well as other tutorials that explain each one in more detail but on this overview i just want to show you what options you have so you have the liquids but then you also have the polishing cloth or pads so you have one such as these ones here where you're just going to rub on the surface of your jewelry and please do look at the individual product listings are going to tell you what type of metal you can use these on whether they're good for copper silver gold any of those different types of metals you'll want to check that out here's another type of polishing cloth this one I think is what a lot of us are familiar with we might have something like this at home for our sterling silver it's got two sides to it the inside is impregnated with a compound for cleaning your jewelry and then the outside protects your hands and buff the jewelry once you've cleaned it with the inside and then these guys here are great i personally use these these are for gold silver brass and copper and you again just rub them against the metal and the tarnish just comes off and their shine is returned so that's if you want to clean jewelry or metal components that are already dirty but what if you actually want to preserve the shine that you already have well there's some products for that as well we have tarnished strips now these are great because they come in a couple different sizes so you can just take one of these little ones or you can actually cut up one of the bigger ones and you'll just slip this into a baggie or a box wherever you're storing your jewelry so if you have some sterling silver jewelry a good tip is to take plastic bag a ziploc type put one of these pads in it along with your jewelry and then just store it in just a cool dry place and then that's going to help to really preserve that shine then there's a product such as Renaissance wax this is actually a wax polish and you're going to put it directly on to your metal and it's going to dry hard and that's going to preserve the current finish of the metal and something similar but not in wax form is jewelry shield and this is great if you do have allergies you'll see is actually right here on the label and this is something that you're going to paint on with the brushes looks like a nail polish you can see it looks much like a nail polish bottle and this is going to prevent skin discoloration and shields your skin from jewelry irritation so this is really protect your skin if you have allergies but it is also just a protectant layer for your jewelry so these are to protect and these are to help shine and brighten and you can find each of these items along with a detailed product listing which is going to give you a lot more specifics on each one on the bead halik website you

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