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Hi, this is Julie with grommets so we have a wide range available on the website and first off i'm going to talk about bead course and i have some examples of use here now these are by nunn design and they're a channel bead core meaning they have a center area that you can fill with something that you can decorate so both bead cores and grommets allow you to really personalize and make your own beads with the bead course themselves they are wonderful large hole beads they can accommodate a cord up to four point two millimeters thick and they come in two different sizes you have one that's 13 millimeters long with a working area of 10 points 7 millimeter so that's the interior space and then you have a smaller one that is six millimeters from edge to edge with a 3.5 millimeter interior working space and they do come in a variety of finishes I just want to show you some examples of use to hopefully inspire you as to what you can do with these so these actually are pendants but it's the exact same premise so I wanted to pull them out and show you on this one here we filled it with crystal clay and then pushed into that crystal clay a product called crystal splash which has these wonderful faceted diamond bicones it's hard to describe exactly what they are but they're these crystals that pick up the color of the clay beneath them and increases drusy look so even though this is a pendant bead core I wanted to show you you could do the same technique with these channel beat course another one is here we filled it with some collage art work so you could do this and you can orient these course like so so you could do it with your pattern going this way facing forward or you could do it to the side with a pattern spinning around it so we just applied some collage paper and then some plays on top of it very quick and easy and then the two other options are here you can use crystal clay and neatly embed shut-ins into it or you could cover the bead core with bead weaving so this is peyote bead weaving I just have a little example here and you would just I it right into the bead core itself and now you can either stitch it up or you can just plan it so it meet the ends meet perfectly and you can just glue it in place totally up to you this is a really great way of creating really unique personalized beads so those are beef cores and thereby nunn design now we also have a selection of grommets I've just pulled a few of them here they do come in all the different finishes and all the different sizes and they fit bead holes up to four millimeters five millimeters and 5.5 millimeters so you'll want to look at what the size of your bead hole is to determine the size of the grommet you want to use what's really nice about these is they allow you to really personalize and coordinate your beads with your project so I have this pretty lamp or glass bead but let's say I'm doing a project that I'm using all copper findings and I really want to make this look like it matches in as part of it I would just glue using e6000 the bead course into the edges and it creates a really nice finished look it also coordinates my bead with my project I'm going to do that now with another one here so I've got this speed i'm going to use gold you can see how that really elevates the bead and makes it into something special in addition to being able to fit these into existing bead holes you could also make your own beads using sell the product such as crystal clay we're going to sculpt the bead perhaps around a straw or something where you retain that interior opening and then fit these along the edges so a lot of different things you can do with these and they really do add a nice finishing touch so the bead cores and the grommets are available at along with all the projects you see here you

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