Overview of Mixed Media Supplies for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video learn about the mixed media supplies available at Beadaholique. This includes products such as epoxy clay, collage art work, embellishments, magnets, glitter, shrink plastic, mica powder, aluminum fabric, magnets, rubber stamps, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video i want to show you some of the products that we have in our mixed media category at vita halik so this is a fun video for me to do we have collage art work and I pull just a couple samples here we have booklets such as this one by Tim Holtz and you'll see you get quite a variety of papers in one booklet or if you are a little bit more precise on what you actually want and you have an idea we have themed collage sheets well there's mermaids Paris there's flowers and birds a whole bunch of different ones to choose from here's an example of use where we took a bezel setting we cut a collage image to fit inside the bezel and then we covered it with resin other products to work into your mixed media projects include these embellishments pen nibs watch parts old clock faces little compasses you can screw on spikes these are just some of the embellishments available that are just I find very inspiring aluminum fabric now this is a fun product to make into necklaces and earrings you can easily cut it you can also put jump rings through the holes of it so a very quick and easy projects that can be done with aluminum fabric it comes in silver black and gold it comes in various size sheets as well ink and rubber stamps are great for embellishing stamping blanks let me quickly show you how easy it is to use these and different colors of ink are available so I have this one in a pretty teal and then I've got this little rubber stamp right here that is a bee you just go ahead press it into the ink pad sometimes it helps to just kind of slightly rotate them and then just go ahead press him on to your stamping blank and then you have the image there you could use whatever color you want and then I would just recommend coating it with a glaze so large rubber stamps small ones and then of course a cleaner for your rubber stamps after you've finished with them crystal clay is another really fun product you'll often hear us referring to it as epoxy clay which is what it is and it's a two-part clay I'm going to open up this package real quick so you can see what you get so you're going to get rubber gloves you're going to get instructions a little applicator for rhinestones and you're going to get two parts of the clay you're going to get the clay color and the hardener so Part A and Part B all you need to do is mix the two parts together equal amounts and then push it into a bezel setting make a free-form bead whatever you want to do and then embed objects into it such as the speed cap these rhinestones the fancy stones whatever you want to push into the crystal clay and then it will air dry so you don't need to bake it which is something you would need to do with like a polymer clay which is really nice because it allows you to then use objects you cannot normally put in the oven glitter is really fun here's an example where we use some with resin you'll see that it comes in all different colors including this fun chunky vintage glass glitter similar to glitter is mica powder but mica powder is thinner you can go ahead and add this to a clays or varnish and paint it on it looks much like a powder eyeshadow when you look at it it's very fine very thin it's actually going to be finer than the art glitter then we have magnets and all different types of madness' you've got craft magnets please come in a variety of sizes you have rare earth magnets which are very strong you can see how tiny these are but they really got a good pull to them magnet strips with an adhesive back and then even magnet sheets that you can cut to size and then we have shrink plastic which you might remember from when you were a kid it's a very fun product you can draw on it you can stamp on it then you cut it to whatever shape you want and then you shrink it down with heat so all of these products and more you'll find in our mixed media category we have a lot of projects using them to to give you some ideas and how you might incorporate them into your jewelry art please do check out the website for further details on all of them you

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