Overview of Austrian Crystal Stones and Flatbacks

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video learn about all the different Austrian crystal chatons, rhinestone flatbacks , rivolis, and fancy stones available at Beadaholique. These high quality stones sparkle brilliantly and add an elegant, professional touch to artisan jewelry designs.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this overview video I want to review with you the various types of Swarovski crystal stones and flatbacks so I'm going to be showing you a variety of sizes in particular because I think that's gonna be the most helpful there's a lot of different colors that these are available in but it's a little bit hard to conceptualize sometimes on a website how big these pieces actually are so on this row here you'll see I've gotcha tongs and I have them in the rose color and then on this row here I have flat backs and these are in crystal paradise shine if you're not familiar with the difference between Asheton and a flat back well ishutin is pointed back and a flat back like the name suggests is flat on the back so very different applications for these types of stones so with the flat back so you're going to be able to glue them on to different things such as this filigree or fabric and then with the shut-ins you're going to want to mount them into crystal clay glue them in place put them in a setting a lot of different applications for those as well so let's go ahead and review the sizes and they have a little penny here as a reference just to give you an idea of the scale starting with the shut-ins we have pp 10 which is about 1.7 millimeters and we have pp 14 which is about 2.1 millimeters pp 24 3.1 millimeters PP 32 which is four point zero five millimeters ss 24 which is five point three six millimeters ss 29 which is six point two three millimeters and SS 39 which is eight point two nine millimeters now SS and PP you might be for in terms to us S stands for stone size and P P stands for Pearl plate and that's just how Swarovski will it labels them so pay more attention to the actual Melanie sighs that I just gave you that might be a little bit easier for you to figure out how these are gonna look in your designs before I go onto the flatbacks I want to show you a pointed shot on versus a traditional shot on so traditional shot on if you can see here has a flat table that top of it is flat and then you've got all the wonderful facets and light bouncing off of it when you see the edges an appointed shot on comes to a point on both sides so both the back is pointed and then the top is pointed as well so let's move on to the flat backs and we're going to start with this really tiny little flat back over here and this is SS 5 SS 7 and these are actually all going to be SSE's so I'm just going to give you the number so 5 7 9 12 16 20 30 34 and 40 and now I want to show you one other thing that's going to come up when you're reviewing flat backs is hotfix or no ha fix so these are no hot fix and then this one here is a hot fix so let me turn over no hot fix and you can see it's just got that silver backing but there's no coating on it whereas this one which is hot fix you can see what it looks like a little bit of texture on there and that is actually an adhesive which will melt when you use a hot fix applicator tool and so you won't need an additional adhesive to adhere these to your project whereas what these you will need an additional adhesive so just two different types of flat backs right there and they're only distinguishing factors really their back coating I'm going to move along to what you see you down here because there's a lot of other really beautiful Swarovski stones and flat backs as well here we have a cabochon chaton so the cabochon is really referring to this nice rounded top and the shaitaan is going to refer to that pointed back here our cabochon pearls now these are flat back which is really nice this is a Rivoli star and it is flat back which you can then glue it in place and here's a bowtie the fun little one now I'm going to move up to Rivoli's now Ridley's are great because they're so brilliant and dynamic and you can see here when we've used when an earring is very breathtaking it just really stands out so I'm going to start with the smallest Rivoli right here this is an SS 47 Rivoli which equals 11 millimeters and there are 11 millimeter settings for these if you want to use a setting we have then a 12 millimeter 14 16 and this big one is an 18 millimeter up here we have some really pretty fancy stones this is the sweetheart the octagon I pulled a couple different sizes of it a lot of these do come in different sizes I just want to pull basically one example of each but this is a beautiful emerald looking stone the oval there is also around now we have two squares we've got the square fancy stone which is right here and that's got that flat top again and then we have the pointed square stone and that comes to a point and both of these are pointed on the back and I'll show you the back of some of these other guys real quick then we have the pair there's butterflies even cute little petite butterflies the Fatima hand the clover and the Buddha and I pulled out one of the stone settings here that's available you'll see that it's actually the same shape as the stone and that's true for a lot of these which is really nice here's the back yet this is great if you're gonna do a lot of Deco jewelry I love the baguette and then these little guys are tapered baguettes I want to show you now a couple examples of how we've incorporated these into jewelry designs here's a really nice braided cork bangle bracelet you see that we just taken Rivoli put it into a setting we just used some glue and then we attached it to end caps via jump rings and then this nice braided cork here's a ring that uses those tapered baguettes as well as a Rivoli this is using crystal clay so this is actually an upside-down bead cap and various sizes of shaytans which are the same color as the crystal clay here's a bracelet by one of our designers that uses some of the oval fancy stone and they've actually been put into the settings and the settings are beatable as well these are those earrings again that we just saw using that size 11 millimeter Rivoli here's a pretty ring that involves crystal clay which is a two-part epoxy clay if you're not familiar with it at air dries which is nice that way you can put these stones in it so these are the little shit ins and an oval fancy stone here's a compact using crystal clay again filigree and shut-ins and a couple more examples using shot ons and then the nice square fancy stones so you can really see that you can create whatever design you want when you do use epoxy clay with them you can't tell that I'm partial probably I do love it and then here's one example because I did well pull out something that you don't need to use epoxy clay with this Rivoli was just glued in the middle using some e6000 glue and then we use some purl cup chain along the edge so these are just a couple of the projects that we have using these stones Rivoli's shut-ins fancy stones all these different wonderful products by swarovski crystal now you can find all the products as well as these projects and many more on the betta Holly website you

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