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Hi. I'm Andrea and I'm the senior designer here at In this video I'm going to show you how to wire wrap a briolette. To make a wire wrapped briolette, first start with a piece of wire that's about three and four inches long. Here we're using twenty four gauge silver colored craft wire. Thread your briolette on so the it's about midway. And you're going to bend both pieces of wire towards the center until they cross. Like this. Taking your chain nose plier, bend the top of the wire upward so that it's standing straight up. Then you're going to bend the other wire sideways so that it's at a ninety degree angle from the top wire. Using your fingers or if you prefer your chain nose pliers, hold the briolette and wrap about two times. And you can trim off that excess wire using your flush cutters. Now you have what looks like this. You're going to take your round nose pliers. You're going to create a wrapped wire loop. You're going to wrap the wire around until it meets up with the other wire wraps. Then you can trim that off with your flush cutters. And tighten any loose ends with your chain nose pliers. That's the simple variation. Now some people like to wrap the wire around and around and around so that it covers the entire top part of the briolette. To do that you would start with a longer piece of wire. Thread you're briolette on, You're going to do the same thing. You bend both parts upward. You still have your top part that becomes the loop but then the other part, instead of wrapping upward, you're going to start wrapping downward. You're going to continue wrapping and it doesn't have to be neat. This is kind of a natural look. You just wrap and wrap until you get to where the hole is in the briolette. And you start working your way back up. The you would just complete it the way you would complete a regular wrapped briolette. Make one more wrapped wire loop at the top. Trim off excess wire. And there you have it. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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