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Today we're going to make a Coiled Wire Bead Wrap. Before continuing with this video, please see the video on how to make a Single Coiled Bead Wrap. Cut off a piece of eighteen gauge wire, about five or six inches long to make the eye pin. Take your nylon flat nose parallel pliers to straighten out your eighteen gauge wire before you start. Then you're going to use your Wubbers. I use the 2.5mm side of the Wubbers to make the eye of the eye pin. Just place the tip in between and make a circle. I use my thumb to make the neck and then you have an eye pin. You're going to want to use a counterclockwise motion to open up your coiled bead that you made earlier. Once your coiled bead is open, you're going to want to slide the eye pin that you made earlier with the eighteen gauged wire, through the end. Not all the way through because you want to put the bead inside. Thread the wire through the bead and then it should come out right straight through the other side of the coiled bead. You're going to slide it down. You're going to just use your fingers to tighten up that coil right around that bead. You're going to leave to about a quarter of an inch of wire to make your other eye pin. And just bend it with your finger. There you have your Coiled Wire Bead Wrap. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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