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Today I'm making a Single Coiled Bead Wrap. I started out with four feet of Vintaj wire and I bent it in half and used the wire twisting pliers to twist the wire. I use less expensive wire to practice with before I go to precious metals. These are parallel nylon flat nose pliers to straighten out my wire before I start the coil. Before you start you want to make a nice little curve to hold on too. I want to take the twisted wire and lay it onto of the eighteen gauged wire. I want to pinch it with my two fingers. That is what is going to start the wrap. Then I'm going to start wrapping around. It's personal preference on how long you want the wire wrap to bead depending on how big you want the bead to be. So you're just going to keep wrapping this around and around. Keep them tight around the eighteen gauged wire. Lay one next to the other. I'm going to cut off the wire. When you get to the end, you're going to want to take your chain nose pliers and wrap the very end around until it's tight against the other eighteen gauge wire. And I go back to the other end and I'm going to wire wrap that around. And now I'm going to cut off this part of the wire. And I'm using my Wubbers. The smallest pair of Wubbers that has the 2mm and the 2.5mm. I wrap around the 2mm part to begin with. Pull the wire between your two fingers and then move the pliers around. Open them up, move them and grab a hold of that wire. You're going to want to wrap around about three times. I slid the coiled wire done to the end and I'm going to continue wrapping the coiled wire around. Gently. Then you end it the same way. You want to have three turns. Three coils. Three wraps of the eighteen gauge. Then I slide it off And I cut the wire. And here you have your Coiled Bead Wrap. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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