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Today we're going to make a Wrapped Bead Ring. We're going to start off using dead soft twenty gauge wire. I'm using artistic wire. Before I use any precious wire, I always use less expensive wire. You're going to string on a small or medium sized round bead and you're going to center the bead on the wire. Today we're using a ring mandrel with a swivel vise. What you want to do is you want to place the bead against the ring mandrel and you're going to criss cross the wires in the back. Bring them around to the front. One is going to be on top and one is going to wrap around the bottom. Just like that. Then you're going to take this wire, the bottom wire and you're going to hold this with your fingers on the back of the mandrel and you're going to bring that wire up and around the bead. You're going to loop it around once until the wire is back to where you started. You're going to do the same thing with the wire on top. Bring it around once until it's on the opposite side from where you started. Then you're going to slide the ring off the ring mandrel. And once you slide it off, you're going to bring to wire back through and around you're going to wrap it around a few times. I usually wrap it three to four times. I'm going to keep bringing it through and if you need to you could use your chain nose pliers to bring it around. And you're going to take the next one and you're going to loop it through. Like what you did with the other side, you're going to wrap it around however many times you did on one side you're going to do the same thing for the other side. Once you're done looping it, cut the wire. Then take your chain nose pliers and bend the wire down like this. It tightens the wire. When you're finished with your ring, you want to put it back on the ring mandrel. Keep pushing it down until you start out with the same size that you wanted to begin with. This should be a size seven. So I squeeze the ring down to give it shape and slide it off. And you have a finished ring. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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