How to Use Wire Looping Pliers

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Designer: Julie Bean
Learn how to use wire looping pliers to make perfect wire loops every time. These pliers have a round nose and a concave nose to save you time and energy when making simple wire loops and wrapped wire loops. Great for working with memory wire as well.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to use looping pliers. These are great for making wire loops. Either simple wire loops or wrapped wire loops. What you have is half of the plier which has a classic round nose shape and on the other half this concave shape which is gonna give you the ability to create perfect wire loops overtime. These are suitable for up to eighteen gauge wire and great for memory wire as well. So I'm working on this project here. I'm making a necklace. It's Going to call for a bunch of little connectors that I need to make using these decorative eye pins. Instead of using round pliers and chain nose pliers in combination to make my loops I'm just going to use my looping pliers. It's a one step process. So I'm just going to make my little beaded connector here. You'll find that looping pliers save a lot of time and they are actually quite fun to use. So I'm just going to place the looping plier so that the edge of the concave shape is actually right up against my last bead. I'm just going to hold it in place. You can see what just happened. It created a perfect half circle. Normally I wouldn't remove the pliers, I just wanted to so you can see what it looked like. I'm just going to bend my wire like so and there I have a perfect simple loop. I'm going to take my flush cutters and cut. Now I'm going to show you how to make a wrapped wire loop. Just go ahead and place the wire between the two sides of your pliers, press, fold the wire over, rotate. So now you're grabbing the wire. You have a good firm hold and just make your wraps. When you're done with that you can remove that. You can cut off the excess wire with your flush cutters. There you have a perfect wrapped wire loop. One of my favorite uses for wire looping pliers is to make an eye pin. Usually if you have a piece of wire about this size it can be a little difficult to make an eye pin using round nose pliers but with your wire looping pliers it's quite easy. You grab the tip, compress, rotate, move your pliers rotate again, and at this point we have a nice shape like that but we need that eye to be in the center. So we just take our wire looping pliers and we bend back against the concave side which has this nice edge to it. And there we have an absolutely perfect eye pin. You'll find with a little bit a practice that your wire looping pliers are gonna save you a lot of time and they're going to be a tool that you can't live without. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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