How to Use Vintaj Framelits

SKU VID-0881
Designer: Julie Bean
Vintaj Framelits let you crop and cut out images to exactly fit your bezels. These are very easy to use in conjunction with the Vintaj Big Kick machine and save both time and frustration when working with a lot of images and bezels.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and they're going to cut out a circle which is that exact size out of either collage artwork photograph scrapbooking paper whatever you might be using and wanting to incorporate into your artisan jewelry designs these are little cutters little dyes that are gonna cut it out perfectly so you don't have to be tracing you don't have to do a lot of guesswork you don't have to put it into Photoshop and make a little circle around your image as a cut line for yourself which is something I do with my own personal images so these are pretty fantastic there's a couple different collections there's the circles which are these guys right here and you'll see on the packaging they match vintage bezels as you see pictured and so here is the actual cut line on the opposite side there's four different sizes of circles then there's ovals with a round as well as a rectangle and then they're squares with a long rectangle as well so like I said I pulled out the circles and I want to show you how to actually use these and you're going to use them in conjunction with the vintage big kick machine so what we've got here when you get the machine you're gonna get this platform and you're also going to get the solo shim now something you're gonna need that does not come with the machine is this solo thin die adapter now if you've done a lot of work with a machine with your edging and embossing dies you know that this has never come into play you don't need it you specifically need this because it adds a little bit of extra height to your platform which is going to then help these to cut through your paper so we're gonna go ahead and put this right on top of the solution now we've got our cutting pads now I've got some that I have used a lot they work perfectly fine there's nothing wrong with these you'll see there's marks on them and I did want to point that if it's going to start to bother you those marks you can buy a replacement pack which are clean and fresh and new but I use these over and over again they work fine so I'm going to go ahead and now put one of the cutting pads onto that adapter sheet so now we need to find our image so I have this Clause sheet and what's great about these is you can actually just look through the little hole and figure out what you might like to focus on so a lot of different choices and actually that's pretty cute right there so I'm going to go ahead and I cut my piece of paper so it's just a little bit bigger then the actual framelit I'm going to put that with the actual cutting piece facing down onto the paper but the paper image facing up and now I'm going to go ahead and cover this with the second cutting pad these cutting pads do come with the vintage big kick it's only that adapter sheet that you're going to need to buy to work with the framelits so now I'm gonna just push it in a little further until it catches and it starts feeding through the machine by itself when I crank the handle and hold on to the top of the machine and just crank the handle clockwise and it takes absolutely no strength at all so that was really easy to do pull it out you'll notice on the back we have a cut line and it just pops right out there we go and now all I'll have to do is glue it in place into our bezel and then you can go ahead and top it off with diamond glaze you can do a regular glaze you can do resin whatever you might want to do to seal this in place so these are really handy I quite love them actually cuz I do a lot of mixed media work and it's very convenient you have these little cutters these little framelits that are going to cut out the right size shape to fit your bezels you can find all of these products at you

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