Bridal Jewelry: How to Make a Keepsake Message in a Bottle Necklace

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a special keepsake necklace for your wedding day. The necklace features a Nunn Design itsy bottle with channel top that has been customized with Crystal Clay and Austrian crystal chatons. Inside the bottle is a special personalized love note.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with in a customize my bottle using crystal clay and Swarovski chatons I'm gonna stick a little message in it so before I begin I want to show you a piece that becky nunn made using the same exact jewelry component this is a knit seat bottle with a channel top just so you can see the very different types of designs you can make with the same component so this is very earthy and organic it's got leaves and organic material in it and then what I'm going to make with it is gonna be pretty sparkly and very modern and very clean and definitely a wedding themed so I've already cut myself a little message out of just white printer paper and I just took a mechanical pencil and wrote a little note to my husband on there and I rolled it up so that's going to be the message that I'm going to put in my bottle when this is all done and I am going to customize my bottle like I said with crystal clay which is an epoxy clay it will harden on its own so unlike a polymer clay where I would have to bake it this is going to air dry which is really nice I'm going to be using some of this figure 8 chain to hang my bottle from I have two feet here and I made it two feets would be really nice and long and that way oh so don't have to have a clasp you can even make it three feet if you maybe want to tuck it under a shirt or under dress just have it as a special thing that only you know is there so that's the chain I chose because it's nice and sparkly and very petite I'm going to be using oval jump rings because this whole necklace is very elongated the vial itself is very long the chain is long so I thought I would carry that theme through with oval jump rings instead around the small ones here are 21 gauge 3 millimeter by 4 millimeter and I needed them to be that 21 gauge so fit through my figure 8 chain and then the larger one which is going to fit through the loop on top of my bottle is going to be a 20 gauge 4 by 6 then I'm going to be using these Sourav ski Chris Tong's their size 14 peepee and their crystal I'm gonna be using some e6000 to glue the lid onto my bottle it doesn't screw on or stay on on its own so you are gonna need to glue it in place and then like I said I already made my little message and then just real quick before I begin this just to show you another option as there's also these other little bottles by Nunn design and they just have a pretty hammered top so let's say you want to make this project be did not want to customize the top just want something really sleek and elegant that is an option too but for this video I want to show you how to do this because I think you'll be really pretty so I'm going to open up my epoxy clay and this is nice because it's like a little kit you get a couple different things with it there's instructions on how to use it which I'm going to show you here in this video but in case you don't have the video popped open when you're doing this do know you get instructions so I'm just going to scoot all of this up and to the side and I don't need this right now either so you're going to get two parts of their clay you know we're going to mix exactly equal parts of Part A and Part B and then once we can mix them is when the curing process is going to start and you do have some time you have probably up to about an hour I like to try to do all my stone setting within about the first 20 minutes just because it's really the freshest and the softest and it does start curing immediately when you start using it when you get the crystal clay pack you're also going to get a pair of gloves you always want to wear gloves with this and you're also going to get this little applicator which is a toothpick with some wax on the end let me show you what that's going to do because this is a very important little tool this is going to pick up the shut-ins to allow us to set them into the clay so we've got Part A and Part B and we've got our gloves so I'm going to put the gloves on right now you cannot store mixed clay so that's a question we get a lot on these videos with the epoxy clay in this form right here where they're separate you can definitely keep it use it again store it and it has a nice shelf life it'll actually tell you on the Box best buy like December of 2016 so this does last a while as long as you seal it back up but once you mix it you've got it use it it cannot store it in its mistakes so much like resin if you think of it that way if you're familiar with working with resin so I'm going to open it up and I'm gonna pinch off a little bit I don't need a lot for this project this is actually way too much already so you do get a fair amount in one of these packs when you think that you can save it and use it for later okay so the best way I find to get equal parts is to make a little ball like so and now I want to make an endemic 'el sized ball with the other part okay so I'm going to compare my two balls and that's pretty good I'm happy with that so I'm just gonna seal this back up and put it away for another time so take your balls and squish them and we're going to keep squishing I mean you'll see how it's kind of getting a marbled look to it we want to keep squishing until all the striations are gone and it's a nice uniform color if you find that you really like working like crystal clay you can mix colors so you could start with a red and white and you can end up with all different shades of pink and different intensities which is fun can really customize your color batches that way it also means you can just buy a couple colors and then start mixing them and come up with a lot of different colors to work with okay so I'm happy with that it looks the uniform it's a little hard to tell with the white one but when you work with other colors you'll really be able to see those striations of any are there so now I want to fill my channel with this and I already can tell I do have too much clay which is fine I didn't over mix that much I'm just gonna pinch off a little bit as you do this more and more you'll really get used to how much you need and because I'm going to be filling this channel I want to make a tube essentially I just want to make like a little snake here because it needs to go all the way around my channel and I need to be able to spread it out okay so I'm happy with that I'm just going to press it on and then spread it around now the seam right here is going to get covered with crystals so I'm not too concerned about I'm just squishing it and it is clay so it's very very pliable and I could have gotten away with even less I'm gonna go with it for this one but I could have even used less clay so now I'm just going to roll it and at this point I'm just doing my touch-up work so I'm gonna take off my gloves you can save these to reuse just if you do note that there is some residue on here so what I'm actually done is I've swapped it I put the other hand in it so that it's facing the other way to get another use out of the gloves so that doesn't make sense I would just put this hand in it going this way so there's a thumb and then after you've worked with this definitely wash your hands good okay so I'm just molding it and then I'm gonna use my finger just to rub over the edge I was just gonna smooth out fingerprints and lines I think I got a little bit of clay there just from my gloves but I'll be okay smooth it out take your time with this part because this is really going to affect what your finished piece looks like you'll see that I am smoothing out my fingerprints and then I'm obviously getting more fingerprints on it when I realized that there's a bulge here in there but it's just a little bit of time here and there okay so this is what I've got so far now what I'm gonna do is this is not glued in place but I'm gonna stick it on here so I can get an idea if it looks right and where it might be bulging okay now I'm gonna use this base as a handle because now I can hold it like this and I'm not going to touch my clay and now I know I start adding mr. tongs so I'm going to pick one up and I'm just going to press it into the clay and I'm just going to do that time and again now you could do a pattern you could use different colors your toms you can really do whatever you like but I am just going to do these side-by-side one after another and I'm pressing them into the clay so that the rim of the shaitaan is just under the surface of the clay and that's going to make it so that they don't fall out you don't want them just like you wouldn't let me show you an example you want it want just touching like that you definitely want to press it into the clay okay so I'm going to keep doing this it's the same action over and over again until I have put as many of these in here as I want and I'll come back and I'll show you how to continue making the necklace I'm almost done you can see all the spark leaves I'm going to add the last five or six that I need to do so you can see how it looks so I just kept adding them all the way around they were pretty much in rows like four rows total but every now and again I and you'll end up with like a little corner that means an extra one or it's a little bit diagonal don't worry about that it just looks sparkly and pretty so if your rows aren't even don't worry it's almost done there's one like here and then my rows are not exactly even right there there's room for another one or two so I'm going to add it now I'm just gonna go and try to press them all into place cuz the clay does move as you are pressing these into place so you just want to make sure when you're all done that none of them became dislodged or that your clay ended up too op sided so now that this is complete you can see how sparkly it is it's really fun and before we go any further we're actually gonna pause we're gonna let this dry overnight so I'm gonna carefully set it down I'm going to just put it on my glove actually and I'm just gonna let it be overnight and then I'll come back and I'll complete the necklace our top is now dry we can touch it work with it and so I'm just gonna put it right here for this moment and now I'm gonna work on the chain and then we're gonna attach the chain to the top before I actually attach the top to the bottle so before we begin I have a jeweler's blunder to admit I love this chain I tested it out with these little jump rings before I did the video and it worked fine but now it seems to not be working I don't know if I just had one little link that was larger than the others but something happened where this will not work I think we've all encountered this before and I do love this chain but I am gonna have to swap it out and because I picked these little jump rings to use with this chain and then these bigger jump rings to use with the bottle I can also change my supply lists and that I don't need these little ones anymore because they were very specific to this chain so we can save a little bit of money and not have to buy two different sizes of jump rings so I'm gonna put this chain aside and I've picked another one that is very pretty as well it also has the figure eight design but it has these nice large oval links which are not going to be an issue getting a jump ring through I didn't want you guys frustrated I was really trying to fiddle with this one and make it work but it just was not happening so I have 24 inches of this chain and I'm going to check the ends to make sure that they're clean and this one is not and by clean I mean no partial links so I want to cut this off I could pull it off of these and then I'm gonna go ahead and check the other end as well make sure there's no tits or bits okay we're good to go and now this larger jump ring is very easily going to fit through these links so I'm gonna well I have one open but let me open one to show you on camera how to do this so you're gonna grab either side of the jump ring with a pair of chain nose pliers with the slit up top and you're just going to twist now take your end links from both sides two of them thread it on there and then you're going to connect this to that loop at the top of your bottle top and now just close the jump ring so now that is it very nicely attached chain and actually that looks quite pretty it looks just like I really sparkly bead hanging there but when you want to attach the bottle and to do so we're just going to go ahead and take some e6000 glue and I have a scrap piece of wire here as an applicator just gonna put some glue onto my applicator set this aside and now I'm going to put the glue inside the cap and I'm gonna spread it around the sides like so now I'm gonna stick the bottle with the note already inside into that glue and I'm going to let that dry now you can try to prop it up if you want so I'll dry like this or you can just be really careful and make sure it's not drying at an angle to do that I'm going to take my pliers and just scoot them under that bottle so that it's level and parallel to my mat that way the bottle will dry nice and straight so you don't have a crooked bottle in there there we go we'll let that dry and then our necklace will be complete now that our necklace is dry and you can see what the finished piece looks like and it's fun to have that little message in there you can find the supplies for this project and many more at you

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