How to Use Vintaj Embossing Folders and Arte Foil Sheets

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Designer: Julie Bean
Vintaj Embossing Folders and Arte Foil sheets allow you to create unique custom back drops for your jewelry - whether mounting them to flat tags, placing in bezels, or however else you might choose to use them. This video shows how to use both the Embossing Folders and Arte Foil sheets with the Vintaj Big Kick machine.
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Hi, this is Julie with for in conjunction with vintage art foil sheets now this video here is gonna be how to use these two pieces I do have an example of use that I did up really quickly using some different than Taj pieces so here we have the foil sheet that has been embossed and I glued it into place in the bezel setting and then I put this really fun B on top of it I'm gonna have another video that's a how to do a project and also show you how to actually patina this but for this video I want to show you actually how to use these embossing folders talk to you a little bit more about what they are and then put them through the big kick so the embossing folders themselves there's a number of them to choose from and this is what they actually look like out of their packaging they're plastic and they are embossed on the inside and it is a folder so different patterns and they're all six by six inches so here's a good idea to see what the pattern looks like it's a lot of really different fun designs that can be used either for jewelry if you cut down swatches of them like I did in the little example here or if you want to do paper crafts or scrapbooking you can use the whole piece of it so a lot to choose from really fun really nice so you're gonna use them with the vintage big kick machine when you buy a big kick machine you get the machine itself which is what we have right here you get this platform and the solo shin and you also get a pair of cutting pads so here are the cutting pads now these have been used quite a bit here in the design space you see they're edged that's not a problem they still work great if it does bother you that after a while these kind of get marred up you can actually buy a replacement set of cutting pads that are beautiful and clean and new but these do work fine so you don't have to buy that by any means so I told you I was going to work with these in conjunction with the big kick and also this art foil paper so the art paper comes in silver and also a copper and it is paper it's flexible it has an adhesive sticker back and of course it's got this piece of paper which is protecting that adhesive while you're working with it that you'll peel off later and you can actually cut this in addition to embossing it so I'm going to use the silver when you buy this you get three sheets that each of our used one sheet of silver so I've got a couple left so how do you do this it's actually very easy you're going to go ahead and going to put one of your cutting pads down onto your platform and your solo shim then you're going to take your folder and I'm going to use an entire sheet just so you can really see what this is going to look like and I'm just going to slip it into the folder and close it now I'm going to put the actual seam where it folds over towards the inside of the machine and then I'm going to top it with another cutting pad I'm going to hold this in place and scoot it into the machine until it catches you can kind of see how it caught and I'm going to hold the top of the machine and crank the handle clockwise and feed it through the machine and I have to say this is actually really cool I love old tin ceilings and this is what that reminds me of them so here is what we ended up with which is so cool so the before and then the after and then if you wanted to you can easily cut this let me go ahead and show you real quick how easy it is to cut so you can just cut this however you want so easy to do curves it's just cuts and then it also is a sub on the back so just peel off that sticker or I should say peel off the backing to expose the stick one note is I would recommend gluing this to metal it sticks fine to paper but for metal especially if you're doing a piece that's going to be worn like a piece of jewelry definitely blew this in place just so that you don't have to worry about it coming undone or if it gets wet anything like that happening because sometimes the sticker adhesive wears down when it gets wet so now I want to show you real quick what it looks like when you do it with paper if you are interested in scrapbooking now ideally you would use something more than just printer paper this is what I had on hand so I did want to show you how it looks and how it works I'm just gonna put this in here same way now this paper because it's just standard printer copy paper it's really thin so it's going to become quite perforated a little too much so in my opinion but if you had a little heavier card stock you would be totally fine okay so we fed it through we open it up and there you go so so you can see it's got actually a couple little holes in it because it is such a thin paper but it actually looks quite nice so we've got the art foil and we've got paper and a whole host of different things you can do with this and like I mentioned in the beginning I'm going to do a series of videos showing you how to work this into your jewelry designs which includes adding patina to it and distressing it cutting it to fit bezels and so on you can find the embossing folders the big kick machine the art foil and many other products by vintage at you

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