How to Make a Bracelet Using Nunn Design Ribbon Cord Ends

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a multi-strand bracelet using Nunn Design ribbon cord ends, faceted ball chain, and rhinestone cup chain. The result is an easy and elegant boutique-worthy bracelet. This design can easily be recreated in a number of different color palettes.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with faceted ball chain this is 2 millimeter size oh so by Nunn design and you can see I've got it in silver and gold then we're going to be using some 18 PP size rhinestone cup chain a couple different colors here some jump rings and a lobster clasp so the jump rings here I just have an assortment this is a beadaholique exclusive assortment kit of jump rings are all open but I wanted to use several different sizes for this bracelet so it's very handy to have several different sizes available and then in terms of tools or you'll need a ruler 2 pairs of chain nose plier and a pair of cutters so before I begin I just want to show you that these barrel ends are available in different finishes and different sizes for this particular project I'm going to be using the smallest size which is 17 millimeters across but they also come in a 24 millimeter size as well as a thirty three point five millimeter size let me clear these guys no way though cuz I'm going to focus on the smallest size another important thing to note about this project is you really can customize it however you want you can use whatever color ball chain whatever color rhinestone cup chain whatever finish a lot of variety you can do with this so I'm going to show you one way of doing it but definitely just go off from there for your own ideas I want to be able to make this bracelet using just one foot of everything so I'm going to cut one foot into two lengths to six inch lengths so here we've got the foot actually there's a little bit more than a foot here so I'm going to do six inches here and then I'm going to measure this so it's six inches but a lot of chain is sold by the foot so I think is always nice when you can go ahead and make a bracelet using six inch increments or twelve inch of course per foot so you don't have a lot of extra left over I'm gonna do the same thing for the silver measure six inches and another six inches now if you're not familiar with ball chain it's actually a really cool chain it's flexible you can see that you can scoot the balls closer or further apart same thing with actually the rhinestone cup chain you can scoot them around but when you cut between the little balls or the stones that little metal bridge it doesn't unravel the whole chain it stays intact wherever you cut it so it's kind of nice about that now for the cup chain I'm using for this project these were actually scraps around the design space which I love being able to use leftover pieces whenever I can but there's a lot of different colors and finishes on the website at that you can check out so you can pick whatever you want I do want to measure six inch lengths of these as well and I'm just cutting that metal bridge between the stones and as you see that last end stone is still intact it's not going to fall off and I'm doing a project here with a mixed metal design so I'm mixing my gold and my silver which i think is really pretty it makes it very wearable there we go okay so I've got all my links cut so now I'm ready to place them into the cord end you'll see it's barrel shaped it has a nice little loop up top that we're gonna be able to attach a jump ring to one side has the flap down so whatever I put into this is going to stay put and the other side has the flap open exposing the channel and at the end here we're going to go ahead and close that to secure it so we're not going to need any glue for this project so I'm going to start by taking the end a ball of one of my cut links and just sliding it into that channel and you can see it's going to stay put I'm tugging on it it's not going anywhere so now I'm going to do one gold one silver and now I'm gonna do the rhinestone cup chain the exact same way so I'm just going to slide that end stone into there and it stays secure again this is 18 pp sighs I did test out 24 pp and it was just a little too large if that's something that you're considering so you do want to do it with the 18 so I'm just placing these in here okay now that they are all in there see that's about my limit of what I'm gonna be able to fit I'm gonna take one of my chain nose pliers and start to bend down this tab you sure everything stays in there one Falls out just place it back in now what I'm gonna do is just keep pulling that down and then at some point it gets to be easier to just push it down there we go and it's closed so this is what we have and now we need to go to the other end so just make sure that they're straight and not criss-crossed because once you load them in there you want them to all lay flat so now I'm just going to go one by one again placing them into that channel okay before you seal it up make sure it looks how you want it to look now we're going to do the same process as before okay it's sealed this is what the back looks like and that is what the front looks like okay so now we're ready to attach our clasp got the lobster clasp on this side and now I'm going to use a couple different sizes of jump rings I'm going to use this larger one to go ahead and be the other part of my clasp and then I'm going to use two smaller ones to attach to the Rings so you're going to take your chain nose pliers you're going to grip the jump ring on either side of the opening this slit up top twist go ahead attach it to the loop and then attach it to the bottom part of the lobster clasp and close it up go to the other side I'm going to do the same thing and I'm going to attach it to the larger ring close it up and our bracelet is now complete I want to show you on a ruler how long this ended up being with that six inches of chain frayed strands so it ended up just about seven and a half inches a quick tip if you wanted to make a larger bracelet but you didn't want to have to buy more chain just make a little chain of jump rings I'm going to show you right here because you have extra jump rings to work with whatever size you might want here I'll just do this little size right here and I'm gonna make a little chain extender here I'm just gonna link the jump rings together it's always nice to do when you have a lot of jumprings left over and you know what I'm just going to do one more you can just attach it here of course you could do whatever size jump ring you want and attach it in whatever order you want but now we have extra loops to connect it to so just by doing that we added another half an inch and you could keep doing that for however long you want it to be so a quick and easy bracelet that I think actually looks quite pretty using the Nunn design cord ends some rhinestone cup chain the faceted ball chain and just a lobster clasp for some jump rings you can find the supplies for this project and many more at you

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