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Hello. This is Julie with and I' going to show you how to properly cut gemstone chain. Here is an example where gemstone chain has been used in this beautiful bracelet done by our designer Megan. It's a great time saver and adds a touch of quality and luxury to your designs. When you get the gemstone chain it's going to look like this. You see you have a beautiful gemstone and then wonderful little petite wrapped wire loops which they're creating chain links and then the next chain link has a little wrapped wire loop on one end which is connected to the next one and so on and so forth. These are not separated by jump rings but actually the little wrapped wire loops are connected to each other which is very time consuming. That's what's great about gemstone chain because it's a huge time saver for you. Now when you get you gemstone chain most likely one end is going to be cut. You can see that little loop is cut right there. Maybe not always but sometimes that's going to happen. So you want to use this gemstone chain where you have both loops intact. So to cut this off you're going to carefully take your flush cutters and identified the loop which is attached to the already cut link ever so carefully go in there make a clean little snip. I actually take my flush cutters to separate the loop a little bit and pull it off. So now I have an intact end and on the other end it's also intact Then to use this little guy again I'm just going to take my flush cutters cut through those little wrappings just like that and then I have a wonderful little gemstone bead to use for a future project. That is how to properly cut gemstone chain. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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