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hi this is Alexandra at beta a leak here to show you how to use the vintage special edition round nose plier with cutters in this tool you'll notice has the round nose plier portion at the top a cutter on the inside and a recessed circular portion next to the cutter so for this video I'm going to create a beaded chain length using eight millimeter beads four millimeter beads and the vintage pair of wire and 20 gauge natural rats so just start I'm just going to take my first piece of wire and grip on the end with the tip of my tool I'm going to turn it over your basic cut and turn technique here that's what this tool is best for and I squeeze and make sure it's flush once I have my first loop I'm going to take my bead down like so and this top portion I'm going to grip with the tool by the cutter and I'm taking it just above where the beads top is when I cut it that measures the proper portion of wire for doing your second cut in turn so I'm angling my wire off the bead and turning the loop in the same direction as my previous loop and there's my first link so then I'll do my second one same way gripping at the top of the wire create my loop squeeze it flush and add my bead now here again I'm going to take the top portion of the wire between the cutters right above where the bead lays incident and then I that top portion off the top of the bead curve it over into the cut and turn make sure it's straight with my other loop flush against itself like so when you're ready to connect your two beads you'll want to just open your wire as you would a jump ring off to the side loop it on like so you can find this in other vintage items at thanks for watching you

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