How to Use Hotfix Austrian Crystal Rhinestones with Ultra Suede

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to decorate Ultra Suede to use in applications such as the Holiday ornament shown in the video. This simple technique will allow you to embellish your projects with Austrian crystal Hotfix Rhinestones.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with with ultrasuede now i have an example here and this is just a really fun holiday ornament that I made and if you can see on the side there it's actually a little puffy because I just added some cotton balls in there and all I did very basically was just added a basic beaded edge and added a little loop there so I'm going to show you how to do the first part of this project and that's just adding those hotfix rhinestones to that ultra suede you can see that as I run my finger across they're definitely not popping off of there which is really great and that's why I love using this tool so to do this I have some size some stone size 16 rhinestones here and I'm going to be decorating my ultra suede now if you're doing a design where it's a perfect circle like that I definitely recommend finding a object to trace around this I just traced around a jar that I had on my desk so it's nice and perfect so I'll just do two of them to create this look I'm also going to be using the magical pic and that's just going to help me place those rhinestones and today I did mention that these are hot fix rhinestones so I'm going to be using the hotfix cordless applicator and I'm just going to go ahead and take this top off real quick and show you and I hope you can see it on the video but I'm just going to sort of explain what I'm looking at here it says that this tip is meant for stone size 12 through stone size 20 so like I said I'm using stone size 16 so this applicator tip will work just fine if you have a different rhinestone size you'll need to just make sure that that matches up to what you're going to be using so the first part is to just place my rhinestones where I'd like them to be now I'm going to do just sort of a fun silly pattern here just to get going and to use that magic pick you just press it up against that tape there and it becomes nice and sticky to pick up those rhinestones and I just want to show you it actually kind of flipped over nicely for me that is what the hotfix back looks like it has a little bit more copper to it so it won't look as silver but that's just what that glue is so when you heat it up that's what is actually applying it to that ultra suede so I'm going to place my rhinestones around in a fun little pattern and I'll be back to show you how to use the applicator tool okay so I've gone ahead and placed my rhinestones where I want them to be now just let you know if you're using this particular hot fix tool it does have a vacuum and I'm just going to press it so you can hear what it sounds like and all that is doing is that is suctioning through there so that you can pick up your rhinestone and place it where you want it but for this particular application I wanted to kind of already have mine where they want where I want them to be so I'm not going to be using that feature but I did want you know that that is a feature of this particular tool so my tip is very hot so please as you're working be very careful and all I'm going to do is I'm going to start on the outer edge here and I'm just going to very carefully line it up and press it down on top of one of those rhinestones there I'm going to hold it for about three seconds and carefully remove my tip now I'm going to wait just a minute don't touch it right away it will be hot because you of course just heated it up but yeah it is right and nice in place so I'm going to keep working and I'm just going to do a few more we go and I'm going to go ahead and do all those outside ones first actually just because I like where they're placed and this is a really great fun little thing if you're making ornaments or gift tags for anyone this holiday season you can also use this to work on any bead embroidery so if it's not the holiday where you're at at the moment you can do use this in all of your bead embroidery and ultrasuede so it's a really great fun technique for that so I've got the outside done now I'm just going to go to the inside and this is where you just want to be careful because you have them all nice and lined up so you definitely want to work one direction encase those get a little messed up you just want to be able to kind of work your way down and just focus on that and it doesn't take very long about three seconds per hotfix and you can see that I'm just sort of using both hands because I want to keep a nice steady hand you don't want to slip because once they're on there they are on there which is one of the best things about it oopsie so I'm going to pause for a second because I'm actually glad that happened so as I was pressing down one of them just kind of got knocked out of the way so I'm just going to sort of adjust and make them all nice and happy again so you just work and you go just down one at a time this takes a little bit of patience but it's actually really fun to do so I'm going to finish up here and then I'm going to be right back to show you the final result once it is all nice and cooled so I'm all finished here and I'm just going to pick up my piece and you can see on the back that it's nice and fresh so if you did want to do something where you just wanted an embellishment on the side and you're not going to back it with anything it's not going to seep through that ultra suede so that's kind of nice so now you can see as I move it around those guys are on there and that's exactly what you want now make sure that you leave your hot flicks tool without the cap on turned off so you let it cool down you don't want to put that plastic tip back on just yet but definitely be careful so that is how you add sourav ski hotfix rhinestones to ultra suede and you can use this in so many applications and it's really a fun thing to do I hope you enjoyed this tutorial you can find the full tutorial for this ornament and many more at you

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