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okay this is Alexandra with beadaholique and I'm here today to show you how to make the Santa Baby earrings what I have here are some eight o tuhoe beads a little hand painted Santa who I think is wonderfully rendered some very sweet ear wires that incorporate a faceted Czech glass bead on top and that's 20 gauge wire head pin and some cable chain and so what I'm going to do first is go ahead and wire wrap my Santa on the head pin this is just a great way to feature a favorite bead so that was my initial idea I'm going to pay attention here to the size that I made my previous loop and try to have them match so well place it on the tool accordingly to get that size of the loop and wrap and I'm going to coil enough so that it's taut but not too tight I don't want to crunch the ceramic but I want the little Santa facing a certain direction so that when I hang it he's not swiveling too much so I think I got it on there pretty well click that extra straighten it up a little bit and he's ready to go and then I'm going to go ahead and cut five about five inches of this 20 gauge artistic wire the 20 gauge is great because it's thick enough that it holds its shape so you don't need to hammer once you've got the loop made I noticed that that was a nice easy aspect of this was I formed my first loop by eye just to see how big around I wanted it from the Santa and now I know how many beads to make it that length so I'm going to go ahead and string all my little tiny beads add them onto the wire all right once I got all my beads on there I'm going to go ahead and get the loop formed with about an equal amount of wire coming out of either side bring those two together my tools going to help me get a grip and once I get the beads flush with each other I'm going to turn one end of the wire so that it'll hold on itself that way when I angle the other one I've got them nice and tight together so once I've got the wire turned I'm going to tighten up that coil just once around and clip straighten that out and let's check out and see what kind of loop we've got here I'm going to curve it into a nice smooth circle and then I can make my top loop here now check and see what I did on my previous one yeah I'm going to grip with the tip of the tool in the direction that I want my loop to go so I see that it's same direction as the loop of beads so I'm going to angle off the side again check the size that I'm looking to match here match it up with my tool and coil and fill in that space as much as I can like so clip and tuck okay so I've got my my hoop set and my Santa and I want to attach them via a six millimeter jump ring here so I'm going to take this up and loop through both pieces get that attachment nice and tight in there and once I have a santa on and I can put the chain behind and I like the effect of a chain because it makes it feel like snowfall that was my inspiration there so it's kind of a nice touch alright those pieces now for this chain what I'm going to do is attach the jump ring in the back off of the ear wire so I'll leave that on that side so we can see what we're doing and go ahead and put the ear wire on first opening side to side make sure I know which end is facing forward get that on front ways alright and now get my chain on I've got five lengths of chain dangling from there so go ahead and scoop those on here and you're welcome to measure your lengths of chain but I find the kind of random cluster II dangly effect is really nice and I don't feel like I have to get them all exactly the same length have a similar effect either way that you go with that so one more length on here before I even cut I'm going to go ahead and attach that piece on to the back of my ear wire there like so and to cut them to be the same length what I'll do is lift this up and look at them together from the point just going to I it clip as I need to so let's see this looks like a pretty good match I'm going to take it a little bit off of each side here all right Santa Baby earrings they're just such cute little baby Santa's it couldn't resist so I also want to let you know that these are about two and a half inches long from the end of the chain to the top of the ear wire there you go you can find these and many other fun items at thanks for watching you

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