How to Embellish Right Angle Weave with Rose Montee Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to easily add extra sparkle to your bead weaving by embellishing right angle weave designs with Preciosa crystal rose montee beads. Use this technique on bracelets, necklaces, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie beadaholique and in this video I want to show you how to embellish right angle weave with Rosemont II so here's a little sample of what we're going to be doing and over here I have the rose Maltese and these might be something you're not familiar with so I really want to show you what they are so this here is an SS 20 size and SS 16 and an SS 12 so a couple different sizes and if you flip each of them over you see their prong settings and there's an X on the back you can actually run your needle through the X in both directions which makes them really versatile and a fun fun element to play with so I like the idea of taking right angle weave and embellishing it with these guys and you can see what that looks like here so this is right angle weave using four millimeter check fire polish beads and in this example here if you can tell I picked rose Maltese that really blend it in with the design and on this one I'm using ones that really pop out so I'm going to show you with this one because I think it'll be easier to see on camera and I'm just going to flip my piece and go to the side so if you're doing this at home you do two rows of right angle weave and before you add your clasp you would go ahead and add the Rose Monte's in a separate step so I'm just going to take a little bead here as a little seed bead and I'm going to use it as a stopper bead and I'm using white thread here is wildfire just so it will hopefully show up a little bit better against my beads so to do the embellishment you're going to hold your beadwork and we're going to pick up whatever size one you want they both all of them have those little X's so you're just going to pick up a Rose Monte and then what you want is you want to lay in the center so you're basically going to stretch it across and go through another one of your beads you're going through your base beads okay and now we want to go through it the other direction that quite so handy that's got that ex in the back those two pathways hopefully you're seeing with the white thread how it's anchored and we're going to go back up through the first bead we started from and now we're going to work our way over so that we are into another cluster same exact thing so you could either go down here or go over here the whole point is just to anchor it actually I feel like I'm doing this as if I was left-handed I don't quite know what happened but it's going to be the same process whichever way you're doing this basically you're wanting to Center it in the middle of your right angle weave cluster and stitch it in place and then just work your needle so that you end up at the next cluster let me do one more hold it like this it's a little bit more comfortable and here let me use a bigger size or so you can see what a bigger size might look like because you can definitely mix up the sizes there's a bigger size in the middle there same process okay let me do one more bigger one you can see once you get the hang of this it goes really quickly it creates a very pretty sparkly bracelet or whatever your design might be definitely don't just need to use this for bracelets you can do anything you want with it now that we've shown the technique I think this is a really good opportunity to see the thread path and I'm glad I use the white thread because you can see how we're just doing this X essentially in the middle of each cluster and if I turn it over this is what it looks like so we don't see any threads you just see that really nice metal on the inside of it and then to show you what it looked like if you used matching thread we don't see those threads at all here so again these are Preciosa Czech crystal Mott Rosemont II beads and we just embellished simple right angle weave this is a four millimeter Czech right angle weave and you can find all the supplies here and many other tutorials at you

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