How to Make a Faux Druzy Pendant with Mica Powder and 2-Part Resin

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Designer: Becky Nunn
In this video tutorial for Beadaholique, guest designer Becky Nunn of Nunn Design shows to take clear beads and mix them with Mica Powder and 2-part resin to create a faux druzy effect. She shows how to make a pendant in the video but you can easily make rings, earrings, belt buckles and more using this technique.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Becky Nunn with Nunn Design Guest designer for I'd like to show you how you can make faux druzy pieces such as this that were created by Stephanie Gard Buss our Innovation team member using mica powders, some two-part resin I've already pre remixed some resin and have a small amount in this cup you also need to have a couple of pendants, some crystal beads. I just used all kinds of different shapes and sizes that I liked a couple extra stir cups that we will use over the top of them to prevent dust. I have a couple of business cards because I like to put him on something hard so that I can move them around if I want to and a couple of different pieces that you can use to poke and prod the resin, some toothpicks and couple of stir sticks the first step is your gonna wanna add a little bit of the mica powder to the resin and I'm just using my stir stick to scoop it out and put it in. I don't know exactly how much I'm going to want to use so I might want to add more but that looks pretty good as you can see that mica powder colored it quite nicely. If I wanted it to be a little bit not so thick in color or pigment I could add a little bit more resin into that and tone it down once I have my mica powder fully mixed in I'm going to go ahead and put my beads. I've already kind of gathered my beads together and made sure that I had enough to fill both of these bezels now I'm going to go ahead and stir up you can see what it did to my crystals. Just coating them all with that mica powder and two-part resin mix and then with my bigger stick, go ahead and scoop them up and and you see I put my bezels on business cards so that I can easily move them around I work on a very small surface and it's nice to be able to move things put them in different locations now that I have most of my pieces in place where I want them to be I'm going in with my toothpick and kind of move them around into the bezel in the position that I want them to be drop that one into that whole Put another one right into there. How simple as that? Now I have a couple of extra little beads inside of there and I might just scoop one or two out. I'm just not wanting to get a lot of the resin I just want the beads scoot them out. I can drop the bead into that location I'm looking pretty good over here and that means what you do for mixing the resin with the mica powder and then I'm gonna let this sit for depending on the manufacturer's instructions 24 to 72 hours depending on your humidity and such and I'll just put a little cup over there and I'm going to come back and look to make sure that I don't have any bubbles or there's nothing funky going on I'll check it quite frequently right in the beginning when it's just setting up to make sure that I don't have any big bubbles or anything and then my pieces well start to harden and I'll be good to go. This is the sample that Stephanie Gard Buss had made and she used an open back bezel you can watch other videos on how you use open-back bezel's to apply this same technique. She also put a little bit of the Nunn Design sealant and mica powders over this brass embellishment that went over the top creating this lovely piece and check out this ring This is a mini link that she used, bent some wire and did the faux druzy look on top there to create that fabulous ring. This is Becky Nunn with Nunn Design guest designer with showing you how you can make a faux druzy bezel using Mica powders and 2-Part Resin Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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