How to Use Images with Open Back Bezels and 2-Part Resin by Becky Nunn

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Designer: Becky Nunn
In this video tutorial for Beadaholique, guest designer Becky Nunn of Nunn Design shows how to take an open back bezel setting, add an image, and then apply resin over the top of the image to seal it in place.
Audio Transcript
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Hi This is Becky Nunn with Nunn Design guest designer with I'd like to show you how you can make fun pieces using imagery inside the various openings of findings from Nunn Design What you'll need for this video is some Nunn Design glue, some two-part resin I've already premixed mine. It's ready to go. A Nunn Design collage sheet. This one so happens to be bathing beauties some toothpicks or some stir sticks some good heavy-duty packing tape, scissors and if you have it a punch. The first step you want to do is punch out your image that you would like to use so I think I would like to use these two women right down here These bathing beauties. Then using my hole punch I insert my image and punch it out and now I have an image that will fit very nicely inside of that. If I didn't have a punch I could of easily just cut it out but on this particular one I just had something that would work two-part resin will make a piece like this that's porous translucent if I don't first protect it and so I'm going to use the Nunn Design glue to go over the top of the image and this will allow the image to stay nice and vibrant as we see it here so with a paintbrush I just supply a small amount of the Nunn Design glue over the top and it'll be milky white at first but then it will dry translucent Once I have my image with the glue on it, I just go ahead and apply it to the back surface area of where it would fit Next I'm going to cut off a small piece my very thick masking tape and I'm going to apply it right over to the surface of my area and this will allow me to have a nice barrier so that the resin won't seep out through my sides there and now I have my piece ready for us to apply the resin on I have a piece that I've already done and while this piece is drying I can show you what the next step is I've already premixed my two-part resin and we have some great videos here at showing how to do that. I put on my gloves and I'm just gonna go ahead and get a small amount of the resin and just drizzle it onto the area that I want to have covered. You can use a stir stick or toothpick, whatever you feel comfortable with. I think I'll pick it up Bring it closer so I can just drizzle it right onto the piece. This resin has sat for a little while so it's a lot thicker than typically I'd be working with but it's still great to use for this purpose Then you let that cure and it won't take that long because this is such a small surface amount. I might want to get my toothpick and move that over to the sides a little farther but once this is cured you wanna flip it over the back and take off the tape and then you might wanna put another hit of the Nunn Design glue on the back of that side once it's cured. This great piece was done by innovation team member Stephanie Gard Buss and you can see that the piece is translucent that is great looking itself and you can create that by not putting the Nunn Design glue over the image and keeping it nice and bright like that but this is a whole look at itself that's great This is Becky Nunn for and I hope you enjoy learning how to use open findings and apply resin. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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