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Hi, this is Julie with and i'm going to show you a comparison to the original one-step looper switch create a one point five millimeter loop so they do look the same and they work the same and it's just that this is a larger version and here i have a really quick side-by-side comparison of what those loops look like so we've got the 1.5 loop and we've got the two point two five millimeter loop now let me show you how this Tool Works let me first go ahead and squeeze it shut a couple times just so you can see the actual working mechanism now when you want to create a loop you're going to put a bead onto a head pin or an eye pin and make sure the bead rests down at the base feed the wire portion of your head pin or I pin up through the center of the tool so it comes out the little hole up top then you're going to rest the bead against the edge of the tool and squeeze the tool shut like so and pull it out and then you're just going to close the loop using a pair of chain nose pliers just tighten it up just a little bit and then you are ready to go you can make a lot of loops very quickly and very easily again this is the one step looper by the beadsmith and now it's available in not only the 1.5 millimeter size but a nice larger 2.25 millimeter size you

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