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Hi this Julie with and today I want to show you a new product we have to offer it goes with the Kumihimo products and if you're familiar with Kumihimo you know once you've lined up all your know that once you've lined up all your strands you've got your bobbins hanging and you've got your knot put down through the center well you need to put a weight on the bottom of your strands now in the past videos you've seen me do I used a weight like this and this is just a piece from my metal dapping set and a binder clip and then I clipped it right here to the strands You need a weight because it helps to pull your strands in your braid down through the center. Keep your tension even and this makes a more uniform braid well this is kind of a makeshift way of doing it. It does definitely work but you know this can kind of knock around I find that the string here becomes untied every now and again and I have to retie it it can be a little bit challenging and not everybody has a piece from a metal dapping set. So there's actually now products which are made specifically for this. These are kumihimo weights. We have a small weight and we have a large weight it's really a matter of personal preference i feel. I think the small one works just fine as does the large one. Whatever you want to actually pull your strands down whatever you're most comfortable with You probably want to use the lighter one if you're doing Kumihimo with Super-Lon if you're not using like a rattail or heavier textile you might want to keep with the small one and the large ones great if you want to do it with a little bit thicker cord. So all you have to do you have an alligator clip which has been welded onto this great metal base and it's got some good weight to it and all you have to do it flip it over you clip it to your strands and there you go you've got that nice weight right there and it's not going anywhere unlike this where that tie is gonna slip every now and again this is grasped on there. It doesn't take too much room. It's kind a nice slim profile and it's gonna help to pull your braid down through the middle and keep that tension really nice and uniform so these are what Kumihimo weights are. They're great. They're very easy to use and they're just a great addiction if you do a lot of Kumihimo and that's something that you want to have in your toolbox. It's a great product to use.

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