How to Use Foldover Crimps With Leather Cord

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video you'll see how to use foldover crimp cord ends to finish off round leather cord, with the aid of a helpful third hand tool. This technique will show you a secure way to complete leather bracelets and necklaces so you can easily add a clasp.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Rachel with PETA Holly and in this video I want to show you how to use fold-over crimps with leather cord so this is a fold-over crimp it has these two sides that fold over the end of your cord so that's where it gets its name and it works really well with leather and pleather and a variety of other types of cord up to three millimeters thick so on the end of the piece there's a loop which makes it really easy to attach a jump ring and a clasp and if you look at the bottom it's really small but there's a little spike down there and that spike digs into the end of your cord and holds it really securely in place so it's a nice firm and Byng to your leather jewelry and these guys come in antique silver silver plated gold plated gunmetal copper and antique brass finishes so I want to show you a necklace I did this is just a simple pendant hung on a piece of leather cord and I finished it with some of these antique silver fold-over crimps and it's just a really simple way to end the piece I attached some jump rings and a clasp and that's how you do it so I'm going to show you how to do this using a scrap of this two millimeter leather cord that I have here and you can do this using flat nose pliers or duckbill pliers so to do this I'm going to be using a third hand tool which is this really nifty tool with tweezers and it you just squeeze it to open the tweezer end and you can put something in there and have your hands-free to work on the rest of the piece and I find that makes this easier to do so I'm going to first get a nice even end to my leather cords it goes snip off the end with flush cutters and I'm going to take a cord end and open up my third hand tool and just place the loop into the tweezers and now I'm going to add a drop of gs hypo cement glue and to the well of the crimp that will make it extra secure in there just a couple little dabs of glue and now I'm going to insert the end of my cord into the fold-over crimp take my ductile pliers and gently fold over the first side of that cord end now that the first side of the cord end is folded over I'm just going to take it out of the jaws of this third hand tool and turn it around and put it in the other way so I can crimp the other side so I'm going to do the same thing on this item and take my ductile pliers and gently press that other side of the crimp down over the leather cord and once that's pretty folds down just going to slide it further into the jaws of the pliers and give it a good squeeze to make sure it's nice and secure and now you're all done that is how to attach a fold-over crimps to the end of your leather cord you can find all these supplies at thanks for watching you

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