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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to show you the tier cast mantra bracelet quick kits I went ahead made three up and really enjoyed the simplicity and a high quality of these they have leather cord tutor findings charms and spacers some genuine semi-precious gemstones and they come in seven versions we have faith peace unity harmony wisdom love and balance so I'll go ahead and open one just to show you what you get and if they would make really nice gifts I also have the idea of party projects I'm stocking stuffers I think my daughter would really like them so what you have in the kit is the instructions we'll pack it a beads and charms and about 20 inches of leather cord the bracelet features a really simple Slipknot style bead closure and fits over the wrists with adjustable sizing the stones that are featured are Jasper rose quartz amethyst african turquoise do more deer right freshwater pearl and serpentine these are all available at thanks for watching you

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