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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to technique for creating a double wrapped wire loop sometimes in my wire wrapping I like to bulk up my pieces a little bit by creating a bail effect with the wrap and you can see in this case I have created three loops on the top and then wrapped over top of my first coil there to kind of nest it a bit and it does with the artisan you feel the piece and so I thought I would show you with some textured wire this twisted artistic wire in 18 gauge what that would look like on some beach blocks so I'm going to cut about six six inches or so I'll give me plenty of wire to work with for just a single piece a little bit here that's not straight and so it'll do first is just put it through the bottom portion of the piece and curve the wires up and over top crossing each other the same starting point as wrapping a briolette or a drop bead and then coil the extra once and twice Chris that with my round pliers I'm going to grip kind of below the rep the coil I just created and create a 90 degree angle that's that top stem now wherever I grip along the length of the tool determines the size of my loop so wanted about midway you're going to come on round one then I'm going to flip my plier up and come around again just repositioning as I need to to free up that space and use the plier itself as it's sort of a mandrel a way of shaping the wire so once I have it oiled around the prong I will then double back over my pincher coil simple just create it bit more of a look artisan feel and yeah creates a lot of design possibilities so yes materials available at thanks for watching you

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