How to Use Crimp Beads with Loops

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Designer: Julie Bean
One of the easiest ways to finish beading wire ends is to use crimp beads with loops on their ends. These pre-attached loops make it very easy to then just attach a clasp via jump rings. Use these crimp beads with loops the same as any other crimp bead and use crimping pliers to crimp them.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you how to really easily finish a necklace with beading chain using these great little crimps beads with loops and here I have a necklace I finished using them and you could I have these really visually striking big lucite beads and all they really needed was to be put on some beading chain and then I just needed a way of finishing my beading chain and that's what I've done here with these crimp beads with loop so I want to show you how to do it is so easy it's a great technique to know so I just have a length of beading chain right here i'm going to take one of these which especially is just a crimp tube with a loop soldered on and easiest way I find to apply these is to take your crimping pliers capture that right there in the part of your crimping pliers that has the little divot that's going to allow it to be scrunched up and you can see that I am not grasping it near the loop I'm actually as far from the loop as I can possibly be and then all you need to do is take your beading chain just drop it in there so it's just right in there and go ahead and crimp and then just like any other crimp bead go ahead and do the second step just curve that over and there you go and it is in there. It's tight. Not going anywhere it's a great way of just finishing your beading chain and and all you need to do as you can see here just take a jump ring and attach it to that little loop and then attach my clasp So really quick and easy. A great way to finish beading chain A really easy way to make some necklaces very quickly and that look very polished and professional and you can see this project here called Mod Cubes Necklace - Project N693 on the website in the free project section under necklaces

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